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The Dos and Don’ts of a Custom Printed Marquee

A custom printed marquee or marquee is a surefire way to make a grand first impression of your prospective clients and audience. Not only do customized printed marquees stand out in a crowd of similar-looking and boring, plain marquees, but they can also help your brand name and logo get some much needed exposure.

However, in order for your custom printed marquees to be an effective advertising tool, you need to adhere to these basic dos and don’ts.

Go Big on the Logo

Make sure that you brand your marquee in a way that your brand logo is front and center on it. Also, make sure that it is printed in bold and the font size is large. You want your visitors to notice your brand name displayed on your custom printed marquee, so a large font will help you achieve that. It will help people notice your brand name and logo from afar.

Add Some Colors

A surefire way to make your custom printed marquee appealing and attractive is to add a splash of colors to your brand logo and overall branding. However, make sure to stick to a theme of two or three colors only as you don’t want your marquee to look like a multicolor mess. A clear theme of two or three contrasting colors will highlight your branding and make your message pop.

Keep the Branding Message Short and Clear

You want your marquee to attract visitors toward you. A short, crisp, and intelligent message plastered on your marquee will help you achieve that goal. You don’t want your branding message to be too lengthy as that will only confuse your visitors and make your marquee appear as a cheap and oversized copy of your company’s brochure.

A clear and crisp message typed in a simple font will not only attract visitors to your marquee, but it will also give it a professional and subtle look.

Be Creative

You have to be careful that your marquee has short content printed on it. However, that doesn’t in anyway mean that you simply have to stick to your brand name and logo – that is so boring and clichéd. The beauty of a custom printed marquee lies in the creativity license it gives you!

You can be as creative as you want with the branding message you choose to print on your marquee. In fact, try to come up with something funny or creative that your visitors will appreciate such as a catchy motto or catchphrase that promotes your business. 

You can also add Standees and A-Frame Signs to your plan of using customized printed material for advertising. Make sure that your signage follows the color theme of your marquee and you’ll be good to go. Strategically place these effective marketing tools around your marquee to attract more visitors!

Communicate with Your Printer

Don’t forget the most important bit about getting a customized printed marquee – open and clear communication with your printer. You need to effectively communicate all of your designing ideas to your printer and make sure that they follow through and thoroughly understand your ideas before sending your marquee for printing.

Be as involved as possible in the designing process and don’t leave things up to chance. Always ask for mock-up designs to see if you guys are on the same page or not. And if you don’t like the mock-up, then don’t hesitate to ask them to make alterations to it until you are completely satisfied with it.

We hope you use these tips to get the perfect custom printed marquee for your business.


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