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Fence Signs

Coriflute Signs

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Fence Signs

Promoting your business is hard! Traditional signboards are expensive, laborious to install and difficult to change.

Fence signs are an excellent solution for temporary signage that looks great & gets the job done without breaking the bank. These printed fence signs use corflute material in 5mm thickness to provide a durable, waterproof sign without the high expense of traditional glass or plastic signs. The fence signs are common for real estate agents and tradesmen to post outside for-sale houses and work sites as a promotional tool. Utilise an inexpensive sign for temporary use that still looks great & will easily get the attention of passersby in any location! The dual-sided graphics are made of 5mm corflute, & can display in either landscape or portrait orientation, making it easy to find space on fences even if you're short on the room!

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