What Is Corflute And Why Is It Perfect For Your Signs?

When you’re looking for a sign to promote your business to the outside world or simply to deliver your message to customers or employees on the premises you shop with certain requirements in mind. You need to know that the sign will deliver your message effectively while having the aesthetic and constitutional qualities that are representative of your business. To put it plainly, nobody wants their brand to be sullied by a faded, limp and / or damaged sign. Thus, it’s important to only use the best materials. Let’s take a look at Corflute and why it’s perfect for your signs…

What is corflute?

Corflute is a sheet of polypropylene that’s corrugated or fluted to give it a strong and robust constitution. We call it Corflute but it’s also known by a number of other brand names such as Coroplast, Mulflute, Supercore or PP Flute. It’s inherent properties make it great for signs…

It’s tough and weatherproof

You need a sign that’s tough enough to withstand the rigours of the Australian climate and Corflute Signs also referred as construction signs can withstand extremes of heat and cold without losing its shape or integrity. What’s more, when paired with our Uv resistant and eco-friendly inks it will ensure that the bold colours and beauty of your artwork remain intact without scratches or fading.

It’s versatile

We don’t serve just one kind of businesses and our customers need more than just one kind of sign. Fortunately, Corflute signs melbourne lends itself well to complete versatility. It can be made to create signs of any size or any shape with every conceivable kind of design.

Whatever your business needs, we’re confident that our robust yet versatile Corflute is perfect to meet them. Get in touch today to see what our corflute signs can do for your business!