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6 Common Large Format Printing Errors

Large format printing is a costly venture, so it naturally hurts when you see a simple grammatical error in your printed material. Plus, there are a lot of other facets, apart from grammar, that you need to be extra careful about in terms of large format printing.

So, without further ado, let us list down the printing mistakes that you need to watch out for in large format printing.

1. Illegible Text

We understand the urge you must have for your promotional printed product to look original and creative. However, don’t run after creativity so much that you end up using a thoroughly illegible font for your large format printed text.

In large format printing, always opt for a legible typeface with clear and concise lettering spaces. Make sure the spacing between words and letters, as well as the thickness of the font, is in alignment with large format printing.

To test font readability, type some content in your chosen font, step away from your laptop screen, and try to read the content from a distance. Or better yet, ask someone else to read it as well to ensure that it is indeed legible.

2. Overcrowded Content

Just because you are printing in large format, it does not mean that you have to use all of that space! Resist the urge to cram every detail about your company and products onto your large format design. A crowded text is difficult to read in any format and most readers don’t bother reading the whole text anyway.

So, make sure to keep the text short and clear and make every word count. Tease potential consumers with pertinent and succinct information about your new product.

3. Not Enough Bleed

Bleed is an essential part of the designing outlook that ensures your design reaches the edges of your printed material. Make sure your bleed is color only; avoid adding text or graphics to your bleed area at all costs. If there’s text in your bleed, it suffers the risk of getting cut during printing. For large format printing, your design’s bleed area should be about 6 millimeters.

4. Poor Color Choices

Color selection is a crucial aspect of design, especially in large format printing. The wrong color selection could result in your text getting integrated into your background, leaving your readers with a big blob of color to look at.

Choose a background color that contrasts nicely with your text and graphics color. This will improve the readability of your graphics. Also, make sure to not use a plethora of colors – stick to two or three colors, at most.

5. Low-Image Quality

An image with blocky pixels is a definite no-no. To make sure that you don’t end up with a low quality large format printed image, always opt for vector images. A vector image will retain its quality, regardless of how you scale it, since it is defined by set mathematical equations. So, choose a vector image to always have fantastic high-quality printed graphics for your large format material.

6. Spelling Errors

Spelling errors are all too common – they happen to the best of us! However, when it comes to large format printing, a simple spelling error can appear as a gigantic mistake. It takes away the credibility and professionalism that you are trying to build for your brand. So, make sure to always proofread your file at least twice before sending it to the printers.

Now you know the common mistakes you have to look out for when printing your content in a large format.


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