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Maximizing Brand Potential Through Teardrop Banners

Tips for Using Teardrop Banners

Teardrop flags are also commonly known as teardrop banners or teardrop feather flags. Like the name suggests, they are rather large flags, shaped in the form of tears, with custom design printed across them. Teardrop flags usually come attached to a fibreglass pole or lightweight aluminium. These poles can either be stuck into the ground for support or placed on a flag stand.

Installing a teardrop banner in front of your business, store or exhibition stand will help catch the attention of your customers and even other passers-by. Teardrop flags are a great advertising tool.

The main concern about teardrop banners is its design and content. It can be pretty difficult to articulate the information you want to display, especially to ensure that it creates a maximum branding impact. Custom teardrop banners will advertise your brand by tailoring every aspect of the banner and placing it onto this non-symmetrical shape.

Here are a few tips for you to use teardrop banners.

Decide On One Branding Message

The first step to enhance the effectiveness of your teardrop banners is to adhere to a simple branding message. While the blank surface of the banner might appeal to you as an art canvas where you can splatter all intricate designs, don’t get carried away by it. This banner is used best as a tool that serves a specific purpose or job, like advertising a sale or reinforcing your brand image at a particular event. So, to make the most of this banner, keep the branding message simple and the information to a minimum.

Use them Indoors or Outdoors

If you are looking for outdoor banners in Melbourne, teardrops banners are the ideal choice The beauty of a teardrop banner lies in the fact that it has the potential to grab the customer’s attention instantly. Moreover, these designs work effectively both indoors and outdoors. The best way to create maximum impact with your teardrop banners is to size them correctly. You have a variety of big and small options available, so you need to decide on the kind of impact you want to create and how well it will go with your brand.  

Customize Them

Another great tip to make the most of teardrop banners is to customize them completely. With custom teardrop banners, the design options and choices are only limited by your imagination. You have the option to print your intended information of different-sized banners with varying designs, personalizing your banners completely. Moreover, since your audience has become so used to seeing normal banners, they tend to miss out on them. However, with customized teardrop banners you can ensure that your advertising and promotions will stand out and grab customers’ attention.


The shape of teardrop banners itself is very appealing, so when you design them tastefully, they can have a great impact on your audience. The tips listed above will help you make the most of your banners.

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