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Floor Decals Can Help Lead the Way for Your Customers

Many marketers leverage floor decals for branding purposes and to achieve other marketing goals, but did you know that these stickers also have great functional value? Well-designed and strategically placed custom floor stickers can help simplify and facilitate navigation within your commercial establishment.

Whether you own a retail centre, a strip mall, a large corporate building, or any other type of commercial space, you can leverage floor stickers to help visitors find spaces they’re looking for. This might sound simple, but if you put yourself in the visitors’ shoes, you’ll know how significantly these stickers can improve the visitor experience.

However, giving directions is not just the only way floor decals lead the way for your customers. They deliver value in several other spectrums to improve their experiences. In this guide, we’ll look into all those ways in which the solution can ultimately increase your facility’s foot traffic. But before that, let’s take a look at what custom floor stickers really are:

What Are Custom Floor Decals?

Custom floor stickers are specialty decals designed specifically for floor advertising using durable laminates and special adhesives to be stepped on. For maximum impact, they’re placed in areas of high foot traffic in temporary or permanent consumer-friendly spaces. Like all other high-quality signs, floor graphics are incredibly customizable in terms of application surface, desired lifespan, and design.

You can use them for giving directions, branding, decoration, ensuring safety, optimizing your business space, and more.

Now that you have the basic understanding of custom floor decals, let’s find out how they can assist in way finding and offer other benefits:

Ways in Which Floor Decals Deliver Value to Customers

Way finding

As visitors move from one place to another in your business facility, they're often looking down, with their eyes on their smartphone screens, to check their texts, emails, Facebook, or for other reasons. This puts the floor decals directly in the line of sight.

Often positioned on floors at intersections of buildings, directional floor stickers create a clear path for visitors to find specific products, departments, rooms, or people, depending on the type of commercial establishment you have. In contrast, traditional directories or hanging signs can be obscured by other people or objects and can be difficult to read.

The exact application can differ based on the type of business. For instance, if you have a large retail store and one of your product ranges, such as toys, are highly popular among customers, way finding floor decals can be a great way to guide customers to that section. Similarly, if you run a day care, floor stickers can be used to help children identify zones where they can find specific toys and keep them back.

This can further boost your sales for the category through additional potential purchases. Plus, your salespeople will have more time to promote other products, so an increase in sales for other categories will boost your overall revenue too.


In fact, thanks to large digital format printing, you can even use the stairs at your business establishment to direct people to important areas of your building. In this case, the risers, which refer to the vertical part of the steps, can be used to display a written message that visitors can read while climbing the stairs. Consider adding a touch of fun to it by incorporating recognizable visual patterns or bright colours in the design. If your establishment has escalators, you can benefit from the movement to grab attention for your messages.


Besides, your customers should also not face a hard time entering your building once they’ve parked their vehicles. Using custom floor decals, you can quickly direct them to correct entrances.


Similarly, just because you want your customers to spend more time at your facility doesn't mean you should make it difficult to leave. Use easy-to-spot floor decals on correct areas to ensure that people are able to navigate out easily. The same can be done for emergency exits. This way, people will feel more confident entering your business and be more willing to trust your business.

And if you think about it, when people inside and outside your office or retail space know exactly where they need to go, the chances of traffic congestion and crowded entrances and lobbies remain low. Since visitors will quickly proceed to their desired areas, no bottlenecks will be created and the vehicle and foot traffic will keep flowing smoothly.

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Applications for Directional Floor Decals

Custom floor graphics can be used for way finding purposes in the following types of businesses or settings:

  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Grocery Stores
  • Entertainment venues and arenas
  • Apartments
  • Hotels, motels, and resorts
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centres and malls
  • Sports arenas and stadiums
  • Car dealerships
  • Museums and Zoos
  • Civic institutions
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities

Now that you have a fair idea about how custom floor decals can make navigation easy at your business, let’s take a look at some other benefits they offer:


Setting up the right ambiance is crucial to ensuring business success. Whether you want a fun interior or an elegant atmosphere, decorative floor graphics are an effective way to make a lasting impact on visitors. They serve as visual winks that further strengthen the relationship between your business and customers. According to the character of your brand, decorative floor decals can be fun, inspiring, and whimsical.

As a simple example, custom floor stickers designed to create an optical illusion don’t seem to serve any immediate purpose, but they tend to surprise visitors, who will begin to associate your brand with excitement and fun.


When it comes to differentiating your brand from other market players, nothing beats the power of branding. There’s a reason why we call it custom floor stickers. The high level of customization they offer allows you to shape it exactly the way you want so that you can accurately align it with your branding strategy. You can display your brand logo, colours, graphics, and other recognizable brand elements on your floor decals.

When first-time visitors are exposed to your branded graphics from time to time, they’ll come to remember your brand. With the most effective design, you should be able to achieve top-of-the-mind recall so that when it comes to making a purchase decision, your business becomes the top choice for them.


Given their cost-effectiveness, floor decals offer great value for money. Not only is the initial cost of floor decals and their installation inexpensive, but you also benefit from the free advertising space of your premises.

This isn’t something you can expect from other advertising channels such as billboards, TV commercials, newspaper ads, etc. Even with certain digital marketing tactics such as Google Display Ads, you need to pay to get your ads displayed on relevant websites.

Thus, if you’re looking to build brand awareness in a cost-effective way, floor decals are a perfect solution.


When it comes to the floor decal design, the possibilities are endless. Anything can be achieved, and the more colourful and creative your graphics are, the easier it is to grab visitors’ attention.

Ensuring Safety

Whether you use them at your own business establishment or at a business event or tradeshow, if the setting gets crowded, it can pave the way for incidents. Floor decals are a tremendous solution that can be used to provide safety information, such as defining walking lanes for the elderly and children.

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Optimizing Your Retail or Office Space

Floor decals are also an incredible way to optimize your business space, whether it’s a retail establishment or office setting. It combines with other signage solutions like wall murals, lobby signs, and other types of signage to optimize your business establishment, helping you create an appealing overall ambiance for your business.


By now, you should have obtained an in-depth understanding of what floor decals are, how they help direct visitors to important areas of your business, and other ways in which they can deliver value to your customers. We've outlined the main benefits offered by floor decals and hope that you’re able to enjoy them.

If you think custom floor stickers are the right advertising channel for you, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and invest in well-designed decals. When getting your decals designed, however, don’t just focus on functionality. Make sure they closely represent your brand and can be easily spotted when you install them because no matter how awesome the signs are, if they aren’t visible, it won't matter. Therefore, they must be strategically placed.

Also, it’s important to choose your vendor wisely to get the perfect floor decal designed. Instead of jumping straight to the design phase, the signage company must take the time to understand your brand and what you stand for. Get in touch with Vividads today for the best service and high-quality signage!