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Using Flags and Banners Responsibly

Businesses of all sorts are making greater use of flags and banners as a viable means of promoting themselves and gaining the attention of potential customers. Since these flags are an inexpensive method of promoting business, they are especially useful for small enterprises. Proper use of these flags is necessary to benefit both businesses using them and the communities in which they are located.


If you want to use flags as advertising and messaging mediums for your business, you must first know about regulations in place that you must comply with. In many areas, advertising flags in the form of teardrop, swooper or feather styles are considered a temporary signage category. Hence, the amount of time for which these flags and banners can be displayed is regulated.

Even if there are no rules and regulations for flag and banner use in your area, you can still take steps to ensure that you use them in the most beneficial way possible both for your business and the community.

Safety Measures

If your advertising flag or banner becomes tattered, worn, faded or torn, you should replace it immediately or at least have it removed. Such a banner or flag may appear unsightly and will reduce the visual appeal of the community, besides presenting your business in a poor way. Customers may not want to deal with you if you do not take care of your banners and flags because this sends the wrong message. This shows a lack of regard for quality and it won’t inspire confidence in your prospects.

Install flags in areas so that they do not hinder vehicles and people from passing freely. Your banners and flags must be as unobtrusive as possible. They should not impede the path of people and vehicles. If your banners or flags become a nuisance, then they will not reflect well on your business.

Install your flags and banners at the right distance from the road so that it does not become an obstacle for anyone. While installing the banner or flag, you should take care that it will not obstruct your view or that of your neighbours when they are looking at the street. This way, the flags and banners will not prevent your neighbours from having a good view of the oncoming traffic. Your banners should not become a hindrance for neighbours as they cross into the street on vehicle or foot. They should have a good view of the road for full safety so it is important that you position your flags correctly.

The flags and banners should not block the path of pedestrians and become a nuisance for them. With proper care, you can make your flags easily visible and unobtrusive at the same time.

Bad Weather

During windy conditions, you must pull down the flags and banners so that they don’t get torn or fall into the street where they can cause an accident.

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