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Things to Consider Before You Design Outdoor Banners

Do you need an outdoor banner for promoting your startup or a newly launched product but have no idea how to go about designing one? Then, you have come to the right place! 

Consider the following aspects to design an amazing outdoor banner that will bring new customers to your door.

1. Have a Clearly Defined Purpose

When it comes to designing a banner, you need to determine why you need the banner in the first place. You need to have a clear purpose in mind for designing your banner – it could be for a trade show, to attract new customers, to promote a startup. Once you have a clearly defined purpose for your banner, your banner design will fall in line with that purpose.

2. Consider the Size

Your design should align with the size of the banner that you have in mind. Think about the location of your outdoor banner. Make sure that you choose a size and design for your outdoor banner that will be visible to your target audience.

A small banner placed in a visible location with less traffic allows you to get creative with the designing aspect. You can experiment with the typeface and the graphics you use in your design. However, if you have a large banner size in mind that you want to place in a busy location, make sure the design and content are bright and clearly legible. 

Determining a size for your banner will also help you to follow printing guidelines. It will allow you to keep your design and banner content within the bleed range. This will prevent your design from being trimmed off during printing.

3. Have a Color Theme

An effective banner design requires a balanced color theme. A defined color theme will make your banner graphics stand out and draw the attention of potential new consumers. A good strategy to choose a color palette is to stick with the color theme of your business.

However, make sure that your color theme enhances the readability of your banner content and provides a good contrast. Your outdoor banner will stand out if you use two or three bright complementary colors in your design. Try not to go overboard and use too many colors as that can mess up your banner’s design aesthetic.

4. Pay Attention to Font Selection

The readability of your banner is heavily dependent on the font you choose for your banner content. Make sure to stay away from convoluted typefaces and scrunched block or uber-thin letters. Opt a neutral and clear font like Calibri or Arial – such fonts will keep your banner content legible.

5. Don’t Forget to “Brand” Your Banner

You are putting so much effort into designing an outdoor banner for promotional purposes, so make sure to add your company’s name and logo to the design! You can incorporate your logo in the background of your banner – it works great for subliminal advertising. You could also incorporate your company’s slogan or motto into your banner design.

Consider these factors if you want to design a dazzling outdoor banner!

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