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Most Common Kinds of Outdoor Vinyl Signs

A high quality vinyl sign is undoubtedly a versatile, highly effective, and affordable form of advertising. These days, outdoor vinyl signs offer a wide range of shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are an established business owner or a startup looking to expand; vinyl signs are a sure fire way to market and promote your company and product.

So, without further ado, let us list down the most common types of outdoor vinyl signs based on three different factors.

Print Style


Hand-painted vinyl signs are quite rare nowadays, thanks to the invention of printers. However, they can make your sign stand out from the crowd and you can put all your creativity into the design and handcraft it according to your liking. Or you can also hire a painter to do the job for you. But a disadvantage of hand-painted vinyl signs is that they are not as sturdy as other types of vinyl signs.


These types of vinyl signs are used more often in favor of hand-painted ones. To create screen-printed vinyl signs, you have to manually apply ink to the vinyl surface to form graphics and lettering. Screen vinyl signs produce sharp text and high-quality images. It is a cost-effective form of vinyl signs since it is mostly used in instances when a large quantity of signs is needed.

Digital Inkjet Printing

Large-format printing ranks first amongst all forms of vinyl sign making. Large-format printers employ long-lasting pigments that are especially created to endure various harsh weather elements. These pigments come in various forms – standard solvent-based inks, UV-curable inks, water-based inks, or eco-solvents.

Digital printers produce high-quality prints quickly and are quite cost-effective. Most outdoor vinyl signs today come from professional quality digital inkjet printers.

Vinyl Material

Screen-Grade Vinyl

If you pair the wrong vinyl material with a mode of printing, you will end up with a poor-quality outcome. Screen-grade vinyl is specific for screen printing; it has a high number of dots on its surface, which guarantees even coverage of ink on the material. It is a light and bendable vinyl material.

Inkjet-Grade Vinyl

It is definitely stiffer than screen-grade vinyl and has less dot gain. This allows it to survive the heat of digital printing and helps the formation of precise and crisp images. It is a versatile print material; it accepts a variety of inks and solvents.

Suspension Modes

Hanging Sign

An easy way to display your outdoor vinyl sign is to hang it. Hanging banners are hemmed alongside the ends and fastened with either pole pockets or grommets.

Light Post Sign

These usually display double-sided print and feature two pockets on the crown and base to keep them stretched straight between metal rods.

Vehicle Wrap Sign

This is a more recent form of vinyl sign. A vehicle wrap entails the use of removable magnetic adhesive or static cling vinyl pieces to drape a vehicle with graphics. They can also be used on window shops.

Billboard Wrap Sign

These are large outdoor vinyl banners pulled tightly across a billboard frame; the vinyl material required for this form needs to be of high-quality to prevent any wilting or ripping.

Hardback Sign

It involves adhesive vinyl material positioned on a firm pole to make free-standing signs. You mostly see this method of displaying vinyl signs on outdoor lawns.

So, go ahead and use these factors to pick the best vinyl sign for advertising.

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