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Preparing Your Floor for Removable Floor Graphics.

How to Prepare Your Floor for Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are ideal for marketing purposes and gaining customers’ attention. If you have decided to invest in floor graphics, then you need to choose the perfect location for them and prep the floor before installing them.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when you are installing customized floor graphics:

Compatibility of Floor Material

Keep in mind that not all floor material types are compatible with floor graphics. For instance, removal floor graphics won’t work well on vinyl floors that don’t have a nice wax layer or concrete floors that aren’t sealed. The types of floors they perform well on include sealed concrete, sealed Terrazo floors, ceramic tiles, sealed wooden floors, waxed vinyl flooring, and marble flooring. Hence, before you move forward, you need to manage the right floor setting or material for floor graphics.

The Area Chosen for Floor Graphic

Another important consideration for floor graphic installation is the walker-traffic on the area. You should opt for a moderate traffic area. This should help ensure the safety and integrity of the floor graphic.

Also, be sure to select a surface that won’t normally be exposed to water as floor graphics become quite slippery when they are wet. During wet or snowy weather, water shouldn’t be able to make its way to the surface.

Preparing the Floor

Once you’ve chosen an ideal location, follow these steps to prepare it for floor graphics:

Step 1: Apply Detergent Spray

Spray the floor with an appropriate detergent, but avoid using enzyme detergents or soaps. A solution of 20 detergent drops per 400 ml of water should be perfect.

Step 2: Clean and Wipe the Surface

Clean the floor including an additional 6-8 inches area around the chosen surface to create some margin for error. Then wipe the floor clean using a high-quality wipe so that all the grit and soil is removed from the surface, and use a lint-free paper towel to dry it.

Step 3: Remove Any Grease Or Oil

Removing oil and grease from the surface is extremely important before you can proceed to install floor graphics. Moisten a clean, lint-free paper towel with lotion-free rubbing alcohol and clean the surface with it. Before the alcohol evaporates, wipe the floor again until it’s completely dry using another lint-free paper towel so that no residue is left behind.

Step 4: Fitting the Floor Graphic

Fit the floor graphic when the temperature is between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius as most adhesives function best and ensure stronger bonds during warm conditions. One the other hand, installing them at lower temperatures will impact the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Key Takeaways

Removable floor graphics are creative and unique and can be used for many purposes. However, not all floor types support them so you will need to find a compatible surface for them. By following the steps mentioned above, you can install customized floor graphics in the right manner.

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