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Backlit Displays for Dimly Lit Spaces

Backlit displays are a great way to get your booth noticed at any event. No matter how dark or dimly lit the area of your exhibition is, if you have a reliable backlit display, you’re good to go. The best exhibition display isn’t always the one that is the most expensive, it is the one that you spend the most time and energy on to be as innovative as possible.

If you’re wondering whether your display will work in a dimly lit space, here are some reasons why you should consider getting a backlit display instead.

 They’re Very Appealing

People are like moths. They love being drawn towards things that light up and are colourful. If you can come up with an aesthetic template and colour combination for your backlit display, the chances of your display getting noticed increase.

If you can come up with the right collection of content to feature on your backlit display, a normal display will pale (literally) in comparison. This is because not only will you have the information that people want to see, you’ll have the added benefit of displaying them in a way that makes people want to approach your stall.

In a Dark Space, Your Stall Will Stand Out

If you have an event at night and everyone else’s stalls are left in the dark, you won’t have to worry. A backlit display makes your booth glow among the crowd. You won’t have to run around asking people to give your brand a chance, because it will be the only one they can still see.

The fact that a backlit display increases your stall’s visibility is the reason why most people opt for it. The point of an exhibition is that you have to make a place for your brand among the hundreds, or even thousands of others. So if you can’t find a design that is different from the rest, you lose out on a great networking opportunity.

They’re Reusable

Yes, you can keep using your backlit stand for more events to come. Mobile light box displays are easy to transport to other parts of the exhibition, as well as pack up and take somewhere else. If you have spent your time and energy coming up with the best exhibition display, the last thing you want is for it to go to waste after you have used it only once.

They Make Your Stall Look High-Tech

Because a backlit display makes your stall look fancier, people are more likely to believe that you’ve invested a lot more money in having the best display possible. When you come up with backlit posters that are creatively made and feature your best products, they’ll look even better when on a backlit display.

Final Words

Regardless of whether you invest in a large backlit display or mobile light box displays that are relatively smaller, a backlit display will get you noticed. They’re easy to see in the darkest spaces, because they are illuminated. This makes them easier for your audience to see, giving you more exposure to a potential customer base.

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