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Vivid Advertising was founded in 2006, as a company that provides stress-free services for advertising and marketing print media projects. Users simply go through the online process and their advertising and marketing print media projects are expertly crafted in a timely manner. They work to truly listen and respond to the needs of their customers so each print media project is produced with exacting standards that exceed the expectations of the customer.

At Vivid Advertising, we understand the importance of encouraging future generations to reach their goals and make their dreams a reality. We also recognize how expensive the pursuit of a higher education can become. With this understanding, we are proud to announce our $500 essay scholarship contest.

Essay Subject: How Is Print Advertising Likely to Change Over the Next Twenty Years?

Application Deadline: Dec 31, 2020

Winner Announcement: June 15, 2021

This $500 scholarship is being offered to the student who is best able to portray their understanding of the essay subject while showcasing their flair for writing.

Print advertising has gone through many changes since it was first introduced in 1729. Today, technology allows for bolder, brighter, and more attention-grabbing advertisement options than ever before.

As time goes on, technology will certainly continue to change and Vivid Advertising is interested in learning what the future generations believe on the subject of How Is Print Advertising Likely to Change Over the Next Twenty Years.

Applicants for the essay scholarship program should submit their 1000-word essay, making sure it does not include any grammar errors or foul or vulgar language. Applicants are encouraged to use an extensive vocabulary and to truly express their creativity when discussing this topic.

Vivid Advertising is excited about reading the essays that will be submitted and we know it will be a difficult choice deciding a winner.

Requirements to Apply:

  • The applicant must be currently attending or have been accepted by an accredited college, university, or technical school.
  • All essay applicants must hold a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • The applicant must have earned a high school diploma or GED.
  • All class levels are welcome, from rising freshmen to those pursuing a Master’s Degree.

Application Process:

  • Applicants should submit an essay that contains no more than 1000 words to yahmed@vividads.com.au.
  • Although creativity is certainly encouraged, the use of foul or vulgar language is not acceptable.
  • The essay should be free of grammar errors and should showcase a full understanding of the topic.
  • The essay becomes the property of Vivid Advertising upon submission and will not be returned to the author.

Selection Process:

  • All essay entries must be received by midnight ET on May 31, 2019. The essay should be submitted in .doc or .pdf format to yahmed@vividads.com.au.
  • The winner of the contest will be announced no later than June 15, 2019.
  • The winner will be notified via email and will have 14 days to respond before another winner will be chosen.
  • Any questions regarding the contest should be submitted to yahmed@vividads.com.au.


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 You can use below essay as an inspiration , it won the first prize in 2017. We are sure that you can use the below essay as inspiration and come your with your essay for the competition .

 In the world of modern advertising, standing out in the offline arena is perhaps harder than ever thanks to the growing competition of online trends. Therefore, making sure that the business stands out from the crowd with a little help from the best display products on the market is highly advised.

Regardless of the business type, here are 10 of the best.

Trade Show Display Stands

Given the competitive nature of trade show floors, standing out from the crowd is crucial. A trade show display stand is one of the best tools at any company’s disposal and can be printed with the logo of the company or with any design that you can think of. Your imagination is the only limit.

Trade show display stands are the perfect backdrop to a table stand and can be used in conjunction with TVs and other tools that can further promote the brand’s products and services. They can be constructed to various sizes while, for an extra appeal, curved display stands are available.

Pull Up Banner Stands

The use of pull up banner stands is very common, not least because they are particularly lightweight and portable once retracted. As soon as they are in place, the banners are simply pulled up and extended before being fixed in place to display the company message or brand image in style.

Pull up banners are printed using the latest techniques for vibrant colours and clear imagery. It is also possible to choose double-sided printing, with different designs on each side. This offers exceptional value while also aiding the sense of practicality and function in the process.

Teardrop Banners & Flags

Teardrop banners and flags are commonly used outside stores (either at street level or on a shopping mall complex) to attract passing trade. They use lightweight fabric that is printed and cut in the shape of a teardrop, and can be printed on either one side or both. Their impact can be huge.

They offer portability, durability, and exceptional value for money. The fabric embraces modern printing techniques for clear images and bold colours. From restaurants to car dealerships, gyms to clothing brands, the teardrop banner is suitable for permanent and temporary stores alike.

Branded Marquee & Gazebo

Branded Marquees and gazebo are suitable for a number of external events, and will naturally stand out with great results. This makes them the perfect product to carry your logo as to attract the attention of passersby from far away. They additionally offer great protection for the products underneath.

Branded marquees & gazebo can be printed in many colours. The roof, internal walls, and external walls can all carry different designs too, offering a huge sense of personalisation. Aside from being available in many sizes, their durable nature makes them a good investment for repeated usage.

Corflute Signs

The freestanding corflute signs are created from a durable plastic material that can be bent to provide an interesting design and two-sided advertising. They are particularly ideal for displaying temporary messages, such as a sign that points to your new store or promotes a short-term sale.

Corflute signs can be used internally or externally due to their weather resistant properties. They can be cut to various sizes and offer a more interesting – and cheaper – alternative to traditional permanent sign posters. Their probability is another feature that many find useful.

Foam Board Signs

Foam board signs provide a sharp, professional appearance thanks to the advanced printing techniques that can be used. They do not fade either, meaning the user can gain long-term usage out of them without losing that appeal, and can be used for storefronts or at various trade events.

Foam signs offer various mounting options too, including table-top and freestanding as well as wall mounted. Even if the company only has a limited space to work with, the foam board signs can bring a lot of success in terms of added visibility and appeal.

Printed Table Throws

Table throws can transform the look of a table to promote the brand or a product with truly stunning outcomes. The material can be made to match your colour schemes, making them an ideal branding tool while also masking the potentially ugly appearance of the table underneath.

They are available as loose fitted, fitted, stretched, or crossover designs, giving you immense versatility and control over the design too. Better still, they are suited to most events and occasions. Frankly, standing out at crowded events is a whole lot easier with a printed table throw.

Media Walls

Video and photography opportunities are immensely important for any brand that wants the impact of a marketing event to last. Media walls are the freestanding backdrop displays that can carry tiled images of products, the company name, or even the name of sponsors. They are a must for modern media.

Not only do media walls provide a sense of professionalism that will impress guests, but they also provide the ultimate backdrop for interviews of photos with award winners or important people. If the resulting media is also used in local newspapers or industry publications, the results are even greater.

Pop Up Displays

Pop up displays are temporary (although they can be used permanently too) stands that are ideal for trade shows and other events. They can range from a single wall to a seclude U-shape stand or an L-shaped unit. Bespoke solutions can even incorporate TV mounts or space for lighting facilities.

Flexible stands are also available, allowing you to change the appearance depending on the event and space available. Alternatively, island shapes let you create an entirely new aesthetic. In addition to pop up stores and trade show stands, some shops even use them for inside their permanent stores.

Construction Signs

Custom construction signs can be printed to many shapes and sizes. While they may be primarily used for health and safety, they can be used for advertising too. After all, they can be placed to promote the company to passersby that may be considering getting similar work done.

Custom printed construction signs are an ideal way to gain free advertising on project sites and generally promote a professional brand image. While it’s not something that will be used by every business, those that do may find that they have a truly telling impact.