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Led Light Box

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LED Light Box

Light up your brand.

Led Light Hero



Cost effective

Tool free

Which LED Light Box is right for you?

LED Light Box S1

1000 W X 2000 mm H

LED Light Box S1

LED Light Box M1

2000 W X 2400 mm H

LED Light Box M1

LED Light Box L1

3000 W X 2400 mm H

LED Light Box L1

Lightening fast to build.

Simply slot the frames into each-other, turn light on and your world is brighter.

LED Skeleton

Tool free

Just slide and click!

No tools are needed to build your LED Light Box.
Because of our patented quick clamp mechanism you can build your own stand and reduce setup costs and time considerably.

The power of LED lights.

LEDs are built into the light bars at the top and bottom of each frame, for beautiful backlit graphics.


Our frames can be taken apart into their individual components, which then easily fit into carry bags. Reduce forwarding costs by transporting your light box in a car.

Fabric Prints.

Mind blowing

for your brand.

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