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What are Bollard Covers?

Our bollards are ugly! They don't fit in with the surrounding area and they're unsightly.
We've got a solution for you. With our custom printed pole signs, you can cover your bollards while getting your company's message across to pedestrians and drivers alike.

Bollard covers are affordable, easy to install, and have an eye-catching design that will catch the attention of anyone who passes by or drives by your business or property. You can customize these 3 sided sign covers with any logo, slogan, or image that you'd like! The best part is that they're made from corflute material which is weather resistant so it won't fade over time! Plus no one else has them yet so stand out from all the rest.

Our bollard signage will make your boring, obstruction into a beautiful advertisement for your business. Our lightweight and weather resistant commercial grade corflute is printed with fade-resistant UV ink so it'll last during the height of summer. Make one part an eye catcher while saving money by having us do all you printing needs!

Make unsightly bollards more attractive as if they were never there to begin with! We can transform them from obstructions or any other unappealing landscape feature using our custom signs made out of durable corflute material that's light enough not to weigh down but also sturdy enough survive extreme elements such as rain and sun exposure without warping away after prolonged periods in direct sunlight thus protecting both sign & environment

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