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Car Magnet Designs

Car Magnet Designs That Get the Most Attention

Eye-Catching Design

To gain attention, your ad must be eye-catching. In order to grab the attention of busy motorists, your car magnet ad must be novel and unique. Novel designs often generate the maximum interest from onlookers since the human mind has an inherent proclivity for anything novel. On the other hand, a generic design that is not much different from much of the other car magnet designs is likely to remain unnoticed and anonymous.

There are other reasons why your car magnet design must be visually appealing and stimulating. Motorists are concentrating on the road and traffic ahead. Many of them are also preoccupied on their smartphones or radio. To gain the attention of distracted and busy drivers as well as pedestrians, you must have a car magnet that can turn heads wherever it travels.

Use of contrasting colors can be helpful. Keep the design simple and easy to comprehend. Include only useful data like website address, phone number, name and logo.

Do Not Choose Sides

Some business owners think that it is worthwhile to choose just one side of the vehicle since it will cut advertising expenses in half. This is a big mistake. With this fallacy, you will end up losing quite a lot of onlookers who are present on the other side and cannot see the ad that you have installed on the other side.

Installing car ads on just one side of the vehicle will just give you half the results. You need something better than a half-hearted attempt like this. Installing stickers on both sides will ensure that your ad is noticed by people on both sides of the vehicle whether it is moving or parked.

In fact, if you have an SUV, van or some other big vehicle you should think about installing a third magnet towards the rear of your vehicle. You can put the vehicle back end to good use rather than wasting a good opportunity to make the best use of your expensive vehicle.


When thinking about car magnet designs, business owners mull over cutting costs by going for the cheapest design that they can find. However, nothing beats quality, not even a low price tag. You want a car magnet sticker that can last long and that remains in pristine condition even under adverse weather like heavy rain. The car magnet sticker should be designed with care so that they don't peel off the paint when you install or remove them on your vehicle. Otherwise, you will end up paying a much higher price ultimately than you bargained for.

Vivid Ads can design custom stickers that complement your brand in the best possible way. Contact us today.

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