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Tips On Trade Show Displays : Looks Can Be Deceiving

When it comes to thetrade show circuit, you have to balance some needs that tend to be cross with each other. You need to make displays that are portable and easy to set up while also being engaging and innovative. To that end, many people ask theirtrade show display manufacturer to build something that is made of one thing but looks like something else. That can be demanding for even the most talented of manufacturers. you choose to work with a trade show display company that is subpar, you will receive a product that is subpar. Inauthentically recreating a material is worse than not even trying at all.

A styrofoam cylinder that poorly mimics a wooden barrel is worse than not having the barrel at all, for example. Due to this, you need to work with the very best artisans to craft something that is easy to move and set up but looks authentic as well.

Aging and Weathering

One of the most common requests is to make something look old. Typically when a company is trying to show that its products are timeless and classic, they will want their display to feature products that look old and weathered. They need the patina of antiques without actually looking like these items are run down.

Also, since you are going to be moving your displays around so much, breaking them down, and then setting them back up, they need to be made of a durable material. A great company can use careful high-definition screen printing and various other techniques to make brand new materials look as if they were antiques.

Re-creating Fire

The light hits the different parts of the image differently, recreating the motion and unpredictability of authentic fire.Fire has long captured the imagination; whenever you want to project warmth, energy, vitality, and movement, you can count on fire to offer these things. Obviously, you do not want to start a literal fire in your trade show display, so how do you make that work? Well, some crafters of displays have found that the creative use of fabric, lights, and screen printing can make it work. The crafters will print an incredibly detailed image of fire onto thin fabric. The fabric is then hung in a way that allows you to project light behind it.

Creating Depth

Another quick and easy setup is a fabric one. If you have a display that is made of fabric panels, you can set it up fairly quickly. If it is printed with high quality images, you can actually create a good deal of depth. You could recreate a man looking out of a window, a three-dimensional storefront, or anything of that nature. You will have a series of options to allow your clients to immerse themselves in whatever you are selling. When you are working your trade show circuit, you need to make sure that your displays are engaging and easy to set up. Deceiving the other attendants by utilising materials which mimic other materials satisfies both concerns. Next time you need a trade show display, you should contact professional manufacturers for ideas.