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Taking Your Trade Show Booth to the Next Level Using Innovation

It’s important to note that trade shows represent one of the few remaining forms of face-to-face marketing in our modern commercial environment, which is why so many businesses – both small and large alike – reserve booths at various exhibition halls in an effort to generate leads and increase brand notoriety.

Since we all know how crucial first impressions are in this day and age, you have to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward in the trade show arena, especially if your primary goal is to project a confident, cutting-edge image. In this regard, feel free to use this brief article as an introductory guide to implementing advanced trade show displays, boards, and walls.

Fabric Display Wall

A fabric display wall is essentially a uniform textile affixed to a durable composite, and these partitions are used to establish the walls of your exhibition area. The cloth, weave, or fabric can be augmented with graphics, logos, slogans, or other imagery to project the right type of aura for your booth. Due to its stitch-based construct and opaque material, a fabric display wall is:

  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Seamless and joint-free
  • Minimally reflective

Laminated Display Boards

Laminated Display Boards

Laminated display boards are often likened to simplistic puzzles since they usually come in one-metre-wide sections and fold inwards to allow for easy conveyance. To establish the confines of your exhibition area, all you have to do is unfold and affix your laminate boards onto the walls with the small Velcro pieces that come in tow. Laminated display boards are known for being:

  • Extremely receptive to high-quality photographs and graphics
  • Very intuitive and easy to set up
  • More cost-effective when compared to other display alternatives

Roll Up Display Boards

As opposed to the functionality of laminated display boards, which fold up for storage, roll up boards are stowed in tube-like containers from which they can be unrolled to their full length. As these boards tend to be a bit more cumbersome and unwieldy than their counterparts, roll up boards are quickly becoming an endangered species in the world of trade shows. However, many people continue using roll up boards since they offer:

  • Adequate portability
  • High quality graphics and prints
  • Heightened protection due to the storage tube

“BYO” Display Wall

BYO, or “bring your own” display walls are becoming increasingly popular in this day and age, namely due to the increased personalisation and customisation that comes in tow. Your supplier will essentially provide you with a freestanding wall that you can use as a backdrop, display stand, or self-sustaining partition. Plus, you’ll be able to print eye-popping visuals, graphics, and logos directly onto the material, which negates the need for multiple boards and generic panels. Thus, BYO display features:

As you might imagine by now, you don’t have to purchase massive televisions or pricey lighting solutions to create a desirable image at a trade show. With some brand-oriented focus and a frugal mindset, you’ll be able to create awe-inspiring displays for your booth and truly drive traffic to your exhibition area.