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Six Tips to Generate Trade Show Leads

Trade shows can be a lot of fun to attend, and are perfect platforms for many businesses to generate lots of leads. If you do a trade show well, you could end up turning the fortunes of your business around completely, while also generating hype for your products. Trade shows are hotbeds for generating leads, but you need to be careful when targeting interested people at the event. One of the key reasons why trade shows are so beneficial, especially for growing businesses, is because you don’t have to worry about segmenting the market first. All of the attendees at the trade show are people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, which allows you to get right down to business and discuss the specifics with them about why your product is better than others. However, you also have to contend with other competitors at the trade show, so generating leads isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Here are six tips on how you can generate good leads the next time you decide to take part in a trade show.

  • Find Out the Tire Kickers

The “tire kickers” are a small group in the audience that are just interested in the free giveaways, and don’t really care much about what you are selling. Now, it is an established fact that you are going to meet many such people at a trade show. The key here is to find them out as quickly as possible. Remember, you are here to do business, and spending too much time with someone who is only there for the freebies isn’t going to help you do that.

  • Select the Right Location

When you go to meet the trade show organizers, they will show you several different locations where you can set up the trade show booth. Selecting the right spot is essential if you want to generate more leads. You have several options available for this; you can either set up the trade show near the food and beverage stand, or near the entrances. Placing your stall in the very back is certainly not a good idea if you want to generate good leads.

  • Consider the Design

Another important thing that you need to focus on is the design of your trade show booth. It doesn’t need to be overdone, but it also shouldn’t have a “bare-bones” look about it either. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on creating and setting up the trade show booth, just make sure that there are decent pop-up banners and interesting promotional materials in the place to keep people hooked.

  • Represent Your Brand Well


It doesn’t really matter how fancy your trade show booth is, or how well you have designed it; what’s most important if you want to make a sale is that you know how to deal with people. The people who work your booth at the trade show should be the ones who represent your brand most perfectly, so it is important that you send well-trained staff to attend the trade show on your behalf.

  • Collect Email Addresses


One of the best ways to generate leads is to collect email addresses of qualified leads at the trade show. You can give a small reward to people who don’t mind giving you their email. You can also take business cards and store them neatly so that you can follow up at a later time. Just don’t take too long to follow up!

  • Follow Up Quickly

Follow Up Quickly

People easily forget about all of the stalls that they have visited at a trade show, so make sure you follow up as quickly as possible!