An excellent way to introduce your business to new customers, many festivals and sports events keep looking for local businesses for on-site food and entertainment booths. Other outdoor events with local sponsors and trade shows are often arranged outdoors.

There are always extra challenges in marketing your business outdoors. It is all dependent upon the weather, and sometimes even the traffic in the area can all pose as a hindrance in getting your message out. But outdoor exhibitors are right where the customers are, which is a very positive point.

Billboards play a crucial role in outdoor trade shows because the two-thirds of the marketing is done through the them
Although, billboards aren’t the only mean of outdoors marketing available. But it is one of the most efficient ones.
Other types of outdoors marketing materials include:

Outdoor banners and flags
Wall art and banners
Café stands
Pop up tents
Branded outdoor chairs and umbrellas
Outdoor marketing offers businesses several benefits:

High Visibility

Outdoor marketing is a good way of promoting the local businesses since they present the highest form of visibility to the local customers, who make their buying choices with the help of them. As a result, they bring in a lot of profit returns to the business.


Outdoors Marketing is designed in a way to be easily movable. This allows the marketers to be more flexible in the choice of place. One of the best forms of portable advertising is the placement of the ads on the taxis or buses.

Keys to an Effective Outdoor Marketing Campaign?

The traffic patterns of the expected customers and the visibility requirements are two of the key aspects worth considering when looking for any outdoor marketing opportunities. It is highly recommended for the businesses first to research the routes and requirements of their targeted customers.

Use a High-Impact Design to Maximize Visibility Outdoors

One of the negative aspects of the outdoor marketing is that the customers have a very short time to take a look at it, especially if the ads are being placed on the moving vehicles.Therefore, it is highly necessary to have a bold and impactful design that would catch the attention, instantaneously.

What Types of Outdoor Advertising Tools Are Available?

Following are some useful outdoors marketing tools:

Pop up Tents

These can be used for,
Outdoor trade shows & Exhibitions
Sports events
Advertising while the weather is warm or rainy.

Branded Tents are not only an effective way of marketing your brand but can also come handy to protect your staff and customers when the weather turns bad while holding an outdoor event.

Feather Flags and Teardrop Banners and  Flags

This type of outdoor advertising can help in gaining the attention of the customers towards a special booth at a trade show, and can also assist in placing a retail store outdoors. Teardrop flags are a form of most flexible outdoor marketing. Mono color flags are easiest was to attract attention.

Outdoor Banners

You must select these banners for the purpose of:
Provide information or the directions to the customers
Advertisements that can be positioned on poles or above eye level

Outdoor Display Options

You can hang the banners on the lamp posts or the high sling posts, or could be put on the specially made stands for these banners. There would be many retractable and portable options available if you chose to place them on a stand. Due to the height of their placement, they can hardly ever be hidden from the eyes.

Promotional Giveaways
These can be chosen for:

Indoor or outdoor events
related to a themed event

Giving away the samples of the branded merchandise in goodie bags can be another of outdoors advertising. These things are becoming increasingly popular in trade shows these days.

Outdoor Event Furniture

Choose furniture for:

Creating a well-integrated brand identity
Encouraging potential customers to linger

Furniture like chairs and umbrellas carrying the company's brand name is another very effective way of advertising.

All the options that are being highlighted here and a wide variety of other materials can help in bringing your brand to the spotlight. But at the same time, there is also a vast range of niche products that you would like to bring under consideration. If you’re a band or you are looking to advertise at concerts, it wold is an excellent idea to invest in good advertising banners, sponsoring the concert at the same time. These banners hang on either side of a stage, and they’re a good advertising choice for concerts, festivals, and fairs.

Restaurants and cafes can use a café board to advertise at an event. Likewise, the exhibit boards are a suitable advertising alternate for the restaurants and food trucks. These folding stands can also be used to list specials menus or to help to direct customers.