How To Attract Apprentices To Exhibition Booths Design Industry

It is no secret that the whole of Australia is experiencing a skills shortage, leaving many companies scrambling to find apprentices who will be able to fill important positions in the future. Investing in a wonderful exhibit design could help you grow your apprenticeship programme, especially with so many exhibit guests now part of a new generation otherwise known as Millennials. By reading through a list of hints and tips to help attract multiple apprenticeship applications worth pursuing, you give yourself an added advantage for the next exhibit and any that follow.


Why Start an Apprenticeship Programme?

An apprenticeship programme is something that companies benefit from in many ways, giving you a range of reasons behind creating one. You can begin to build your company a source of skilled workers with specialised training in your industry and you can ensure that those working for you follow your unique company policies and techniques. This is particularly important when you are recruiting for an industry as specialised as trade show and exhibition design.

A large percentage of apprentices continue their employment with their original employers, which is a great incentive for companies such as yours to keep such a programme going. After all, employee retention is something that all companies benefit from and this is a great way to build long-term sustainability for your business. This type of scheme will place you firmly in control and help you to reduce the skills gap within your company.

These professionals help to build a skilled and reliable workforce within your company, provide a long-term positive return on investments, and are more likely to be motivated in their work because they choose to opt in to the programme. This is a sustainable way of building up your company and you can find a significant amount of support available to help you create the programme. Learning about this type of programme early could very well help you create a long-lasting future for your company.

What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know

By the year 2020, many states plan to increase the number of apprenticeships by millions, especially in light of a 20% drop in apprenticeships over the last two years. This is a worrying fall, with just 36,000 people taking on apprenticeships in the September quarter of 2015, which is 19.3% lower than the same period the year before. Of those who participate this year, 6% fewer will go on to complete their programmes when compared to this time last year and it is critical that these numbers begin to rise again.

There has never been more support for a company to get involved in an apprenticeship programme because the government is on your side. There are many incentives and other resources available to help you better understand how this type of scheme can work for your company. Now is the best possible time for you to get started.

What it Can Offer

What it Can Offer

There are many great reasons to apprentice in the trade show and exhibition stand design and build industry and even one of them will convince thousands to try it. This is one industry with an enormous variety of jobs that are attractive to the new generation of Millennials who have multiple skill sets and interests. Stand builders learn about a range of different skills from bench and site joinery to painting and decorating.

Although this type of apprenticeship will focus on a specialisation, there are many skills that can be brought over into different fields in the future. Those in this type of profession are given the opportunity to travel the world as they follow behind exhibitions, working together with a team to build something memorable. By having workers on your side with the training to make a trade show amazing, you are sure to develop long-lasting employees with a great deal of respect for what you do.

Creating the Programme

Creating the Programme

Even if your business is currently under the 250-employee mark, you can find a wide range of support options to help build your apprenticeship programme. Working with a training provider should help you get started on the right foot and you need to know what to do to keep the programme up to standards.

First, you must employ each apprentice for a minimum of 30 hours each week with a pay that is at least the government-set minimum wage for an apprentice. From there, induct and support an apprentice with on-the-job learning that is proactive and designed to give a person real-world experience in the industry. Be sure to actively review the progress of your apprentices to see where they may lack or excel in certain areas as well as how you can improve the programme.

Training providers must be able to identify an apprentice with the skills to fit your business requirements and create a training plan suited to the apprentice while meeting your requirements. They must also be capable of reviewing and testing the apprentice’s progress at various points in the programme. Finally, you need a provider capable of supporting your apprentice as he or she builds knowledge in the elements of the programme.

Attracting an Apprentic

Attracting an Apprentice

One you start your apprenticeship programme, you must attract applicants before it can truly begin. Think about local talent and how you could bring in people from near your company locations; also, you should build a good partnership with local schools or colleges. Research shows that companies may not be promoting apprenticeships well enough, even if this means more work on your part.

According to research, as many as 18% of students believe that an apprenticeship is unpaid, which you know to be quite untrue. It is critical that you sell the many benefits associated with the apprenticeship such as the pay and the other benefits that you can offer with it. Peer-to-peer networking is a critical tool that can better get your message across to other potential talent.

Young people respond to a company if you show passion for whatever it is that you do and this is especially true if you can invoke a passion in them, too. The best way to do this is by face-to-face interaction. After all, you know how to sell the benefits of your business better than anyone because you built it.