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Announcing Your Brand the Right Way

How you launch and announce your brand is just as important as your branding efforts. If you’re not able to capture your target audience’s attention, then no matter how good your innovation is, it won’t matter because no one’s actively looking for it.

Here are some effective ideas for brand announcement that apply to you whether you’re launching your first ever product or announcing brand change. 

1. Making Use of Effective Communication

If you’re making substantial changes to your brand, then you need to inform your loyal customers ahead of time. Let them know that the changes are being made keeping their needs and requirements in mind to provide them a more enhanced experience. Assure them that this doesn’t mean the level of service they’ve grown to expect from you will be compromised in any way.

When you’re new in the game, you need to spread the word about your brand across different social media channels. This involves getting in touch with your target customers and showing them why your brand is here to make their lives easier. Only the most effective form of persuasive communication will get people interested in your brand before you’ve even launched it. 

2. Using Outdoor Displays to Get the Word Out

Don’t overlook your brand’s signage when you’re about to announce the rebrand. Make sure the outdoor displays are consistent with the new theme. Don’t paste your new logo onto an old one as that will look extremely tacky. Create new signs and posters with your new logo.  

As a new business, make use of banners and outdoor signage to get the word out about your brand. 

3. Getting Your Printed Materials Right

You can also introduce your brand to your prospective or existing customers through printed materials like business cards and brochures.

If you’re changing your brand identity, then you must reprint these materials with your new logo and colours. Make sure every little detail is correct because, you never know, what escapes your eye may get noticed by leads and customers.

4. Applying Your Brand to Your Social Media Pages

To make sure your launch is successful, you need to keep your social media profiles up-to-date as well. The fastest way you can engage people and inspire conversation about your brand is by making use of social media marketing strategies.

Let online users know why you’re launching your brand or why you’ve decided to rebrand it. You need to be clever with the way you put information forward because one missed step can derail all your marketing efforts.

Bottom Line

When you’re about to announce your brand, you’ll face many obstacles. Even if you get everything right, you still may not get the recognition you want. Make sure everyone in your company is on the same page about all your business processes and strategies. Prioritise your target audience to make sure your brand announcement is a success.