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Ways to Remove a Stuck Car Magnet

How to Remove a Stuck Car Magnet

Drivers install car magnets for a variety of reasons. They do it to reflect their interests, to show their love for a sports team or mostly importantly, for marketing. Car magnet branding is a popular advertising technique used to create brand awareness.  

Due to different environmental factors, car magnets can fade, melt or wear out over a period of time. In case this happens, it can become very difficult to remove the stuck car magnets from your vehicle.

To help you out, here are a few ways to remove a stuck car magnet:  

Using Soap and Water

Soap and water serve as some of the most effective lubricants that help ease the removal process of a stuck car magnet. So, first, you need to wet and clean the area around the magnet. For this purpose, you will need a damp microfiber towel to wipe up the area effectively. You need to ensure that you get rid of all dirt and debris within the area to prevent the paint from scratching.

After the cleaning process, you will need a hairdryer to warm up the magnet. So, make sure to park your car near an electrical outlet to plug in the hairdryer. Don’t make the mistake of using a heat gun to heat up the car magnet as it can damage the finishing of your car.

After this, the car magnet will become easily pliable. So, you can lift its edge slightly using a scraper, but just make sure that you don’t scratch the car paint. Now add some soap water in a spray bottle and spray it under the plied-up magnet. This will give the magnet all the lubrication it needs to come off.

Once that is done, don’t forget to wash your car properly.

Using Adhesive Solvent

One of the most effective ways to remove a stuck car magnet is to use adhesive solvent. You can forcefully pull the magnet out without damaging the paint.

You can start by heating up the car magnet using a hairdryer. This will weaken the bond between the body of the car and the magnet. You can then use an adhesive solvent to weaken the bond even further. Choose a paint-safe adhesive solvent that you can just spray across the magnet to loosen it up. Let the magnet rest for a few minutes, but make sure that it doesn’t dry up. In case it dries up, reapply the solvent as required.

Don’t forget to put on some latex gloves before removing the magnet manually. This way, you will manage to get it out successfully in a single piece. If you are struggling to remove it manually, you can use a steam clean or hot blade decal remover to get rid of it.

Once you have successfully gotten rid of the stuck magnet, you should wash your entire car properly to get rid of any remaining residue. Moreover, top it off by applying some car wax on your vehicle.

Hopefully, these tips will help you effectively get rid of a stuck car magnet.

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