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How to Keep a Car Magnet Decal from Flying off

How to Keep a Car Magnet From Flying Off

Car magnets are undoubtedly among the most effective branding tools available, but one of the most daunting issues with car magnets is that they fly off from vehicles. Thus, companies and users are often concerned about their car magnet decals.

If you are also in the same boat, here are some ways to prevent your customized car magnets from flying off.

Attach the Car Magnet on a Flat Surface

Most car magnets tend to fly off from vehicles if they are not placed on a flat surface. Placing the magnet on the contours of the car allows the wind to penetrate under the car magnet, eventually causing it to fly off.

Installing car magnet decals over a vehicle body line also causes the magnet to fly off. Hence, consider appending car magnet to the flattest surface of your vehicle, and that too in the flattest way possible.

When you buy car magnets, they’re often rolled into shipping tubes or packaged in cellophane paper. Vehicle owners tend to stick them on vehicles immediately after unpacking them. You need to do away with any warpage before pasting them so that they don’t fly off when the vehicle is in motion. Hence, it’s recommended that you flatten the car magnet by placing it under a flat surface for several hours before attaching them to your vehicle.

Use Rounded-Corner Magnets

Another way to prevent car magnets from flying off includes using car magnets with round corners. Pointed corners often fail to stick to the car as they’re easily lifted by the wind. Since magnets with rounded corners are aerodynamic and their surfaces have very little drag, they don’t allow wind to enter the corners easily.

Remove Any Dust from the Magnet and Vehicle Surface

Dust and other deposits that might be there on the car surface or the magnet can also cause car magnets to fly off. No matter how minute a rock is, it will weaken the magnetic pull that holds it tightly to the vehicle.

Once you’ve your car magnet and have chosen a flat surface on your vehicle, clean both the magnet and the vehicle surface to remove the dirt or dust from them. You’ll be amazed by the amount of junk sitting on the magnet while cleaning. Removing dust should also prevent scratches on your car’s body.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for car magnets in Adelaide, you can get in touch with Vivid. When you are installing your customized magnets, take into account the above-mentioned points and once you have installed them, ensure maximum maintenance so that they last a long time.

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