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How to Install a Wall Mural

You can bring any enclosed space to life by infusing it with an artistic touch via wall murals. Hence, you should know how to install a wall mural.

Installing a Wall Mural Yourself

There are a few simple steps that you can take to install a self-adhesive wall mural on your own perfectly. But before starting, you should bear a few things in mind.

A second person will be most helpful during the installation process. You should also make sure that you inspect the mural closely to ensure that it is perfectly flat. To this end, you must also carefully examine the surface on which you are installing the mural. The surface has to be perfectly smooth and flat.

Surface Preparation

If there are any blemishes on the wall, you must first address them to ensure a flawless installation.

Here is how you can prepare the surface on which you will be placing the wall mural.

Check the wall for cracks. If you find any, you should fill up the cracks. Make sure that there are no bumps in the wall.

Make sure that there are no wall fixtures or switch plates that will interfere with your wall mural. If there are, remove them and even out the wall or install the wall mural elsewhere.

Remove all dust and residue from the wall surface. Clean up the wall with the help of a damp towel so that the mural can be attached without any problems.

Peel and Stick the Wall Mural

Note down the dimensions of your mural mark on an equivalent area on the wall where you want to install the mural. You can simply mark the 4 corners. This step will show if there is enough space on the wall. It will also help you install the mural in the right place in your first attempt.

Peel the backing from the top of the mural by a few inches – do not remove it completely.

Now apply this exposed surface of the mural exactly in the right place on the wall so that the corners coincide precisely with the marking that you just placed for the corners of the mural. Press the mural firmly so that it adheres securely without any danger of moving from its position.

Peel and repeat. Keep peeling the back of the mural by a few inches and pressing the exposed surface firmly. Keep repeating it till you install the entire mural.

Dealing With Wrinkles

If you find any wrinkles, then pull back the mural from the wall so that the wrinkle goes away. Reapply the mural again carefully.

There are several other steps that you should take to ensure perfect installation of a wall mural. Installation of multi-panel murals and traditional murals that do not have adhesive requires extra expertise.

You should hire the right experts to save time and ensure that the job is done perfectly the first time around.

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