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How to Install Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners make great additions to your marketing agenda. They are catchy and can give out a lot of information that your customer base would otherwise forget or not have access to. If you have been considering getting banners to advertise your next product or event—we are here to walk you through how to set up a banner properly.

Grommets and Pole Pockets

Before we begin, you need to know what grommets and pole pockets are. If your banner doesn’t have pockets or grommets, it affects how you end up hanging it. They’re essential for hanging because they prevent the banner from tearing from its own weight.

Grommets are eyelets that strength the banner, making it more durable. They’re made of metal and are placed on the sides and corners of your banner so that it is more convenient to hang. Pole pockets are made by folding the banner onto itself, with both side visible and then sewn together to make a pocket that you can use to hang it from a pole. You have to get your vinyl banners custom made to have either of the installation options that you prefer.

Depending on how you want to install the banners, you have to use different methods. You can install them on a fence, a pole or the wall of a building with pole pockets and grommets which help you in hanging them. Here’s how you can install them for each of these methods.

On Poles

Banners can be hung from poles by using pole pockets and grommets. You can attach the pole to a street light by connecting it to the brackets of the pole. You have to weave the bracket through the pockets in the pole and then you have to hook it to the grommet.

Another way to hang banners from poles is by using a bungee cord. You have to attach the bungee cord to the pole and also to each end of the grommets on your banner. This makes more sense for banners of events that you might see displayed in the streets.

On Buildings

You can hang vinyl banners on any wall of a building by using grommets. Take a washer with the grommet and use a screw to attach the banner onto the wall, through the grommet. Since buildings are exposed to a lot of weather, a grommet will make your banner stay on the wall longer.

On a Fence

Fences are common places to install vinyl banners, because they’re easily accessible for installation and are easy to read for your audience as well. To hang your banner on a fence, you’ll need to use zip ties. You’ll need a banner with grommets, so that you can hang it from the fence by attaching the zip ties through the grommets.

On a Temporary Frame

If you’re planning on setting a banner up for a limited amount of time, you can get an adjustable frame. You can hang the banner from the frame using grommets and rope, or even zip ties if your banner is light enough. You can also sling the top of the frame through a pole pocket before attaching it.

Final Words

Hopefully, we’ve given you a brief idea of the different ways on how to set up a banner. If you’re still unsure of the right method for you, you can search up what methods work best for different kinds of advertising.


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