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Real Estate Stickers

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From $14.95 per order delivery Australia wide
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Real Estate Stickers
Custom real estate stickers are the fastest and easiest way to promote your property business, product, or event— We'll make it easy for you.

Use our form to custom design your own SOLD Stickers and give your company the best marketing advantage when selling your properties. Add your name, photo and contact phone number for the best form of branding. 
Whether you want sticky labels that stick well to different surfaces, or clear labels that allow the contents of the package to shine through, we have all kinds of options for designing and ordering high-quality sticker printing right here at Vivid Ads. In addition, we offer fast turnaround times (most orders ship within 24 hours), so you can get started quickly with creating quality packaging solutions for your products. Get started today by uploading photos and images directly onto our website using our online designer tool - it's easy!
  • Made in Australia - Printed within 24hrs in our facility
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor usage
  • Die-cut to your shape and size
  • Back adhesive
  • 270gsm Vinyl - Premium Quality


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Custom size and colour options available: With digital printing, we can apply your corporate logo and colours according to your company style guide in CMYK.

FAQs related to Real Estate Stickers

Stickers are one of our most widely sold products and are very popular as promotion material. A sticker is comparable to a flyer, the difference is that you can stick it on almost any surface by removing the back part.Some of the stickers have a slit, which means they are even more easily removable from the underlying layer. This product is used to / as: Introduce people to your business Promote discounts or events Provide information Important note is that the stickers are fully transparent. Also the printed surface of transparent sticker will show a slight transparency. This means it will work perfectly on a bright background. But the print will not show on a dark background. Would you like a transparent sticker where the print is not transparent, please ask for a quotation.
While we offer a wide range of products on our website, you can ask for a quotation if you can’t find something. You can also request a quotation if your desired weight, size, quantity or material type is not listed on the website. Our team will get back to you within 1 working day with the requested quotation. However, it may take a little longer if the request is complex or requires extra work on the part of our team. We try to get back to our clients as soon as we can.
For the production of your Standard stickers we use the following production technique(s): Digital printing uses four colours (CMYK) with toners and inks to print digital files. This option is comparable to large home printer, and is cheaper than ‘litho’ printing for smaller quantities. This is because there are less starting costs, less components involved, and no ink drying time necessary.   Offset Lithography printing or Litho printing makes it possible to provide larger quantities at unbeatable prices. This technique creates images and text with wet ink and transferred to each paper sheet with aluminium and rubber plates. This method is more extensive than its 'digital’ counterpart because of the different printing materials that are used. Still, it is the most cost-effective option when you order bigger printed batches.
For the delivery of your standard stickers we use multiple carriers. Because of the highest reliability, in most cases we use Startrack.
Not all types of stickers can be used outside. If you would like to use your stickers outside, we would recommend using PVC or transparent stickers. The lifetime of these stickers is affected by use outside. Other materials can only be used inside.
Glossy stickers : These durable 90gsm glossy stickers are weather proof and can easilly be removed. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor promotions! Transparent Stickers : Transparent stickers are perfect for window advertising in shops or cars. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising. NOTE: We cannot print in white on transparent stickers! Paper stickers : Stickers stickers with a shiny look and can be used for indoor purposes! Writable stickers : Stickers are perfectly writable and can also be stamped. The stickers have a matt look and can be used for many purposes! Printer friendly stickers : The 70 gsm stickers are easy to print. The stickers have a matt look and can be used almost everywhere
No, transparent stickers can not be printed with a white design. All white parts in the design will be transparent within the design

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