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What Size Should Your Vinyl Banner Be?

Vinyl banners have gained so much popularity because they’re quite effective in getting people to notice them. The bigger the banner, the greater chances you’ll have of getting your message across to a wider audience. Unlike posters, the text size on banners is also usually very large.

But bigger banners may not work in some settings. To get your custom banner in the right size, you need to think about where you’ll place it and what purpose you want it to serve. Outdoor banners that are used for advertising have to be large so that people can read the text from a distance.

The size of your banner also depends on the type of design you need to get printed. If you wish to print a long phrase, then you may have to consider a rectangular shape.  

Small Banners

Small banners are typically around 2 to 3 feet long. They’re not for occasions where you wish to gain the attention of a large group of people. Adhesive vinyl banners usually come in smaller sizes because they have to be stuck on surfaces and it may be difficult to make space for larger banners.

These banners are ideal for you if wish to display them at the front of a table, outside a store, or over a product at a business event. They can be used at farmers markets, office parties or other small gatherings.

Don’t place them on a location that’s over exposed to the sun or they won’t last very long.

Medium Sized Banners

Banners that are medium sized are usually about 3 to 4 feet long. They’re perfect for being displayed at shows, festivals or even at a trade show booth. Banners in this size are most commonly purchased because they’re large enough to catch people’s attention but not too large for smaller settings and gatherings.

Large Banners

Large banners are usually in the range of 5 feet or more. They’re placed in events where there’s a lot of room and you want to capture the attention of a large number of people. You can drape these over buildings, or hang them at concerts, especially if you’re the main source of attraction.

When you have a larger size, you need to keep a few considerations in mind that you won’t have to worry about with smaller banners. You’ll have to think about their weight, if the space provided to you will be enough for them, and if the wind can become an obstacle in keeping them in place. 

Last Words

No matter what size, the banners will have to be customised accordingly to capture everyone’s attention. Their text size and colour resolution will also need to be adjusted to make sure their visual appeal is not compromised.

Try to keep it simple and don’t make the text too wordy or it will be difficult for people to understand it. A banner that’s not hung securely in place will get damaged easily so you need to be especially careful during installation.