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5 Benefits of Backlit Displays at Trade Shows

Why You Should Consider Backlit Displays for Your Next Trade Show

Every trade show booth needs different marketing tools to stand out from the crowd. One such tool that will definitely spruce up your trade show booth is a backlit display. Backlit displays are a sure-fire way to make a lasting positive impression on your visitors at trade shows.

Here are 5 benefits of backlit displays that make them the perfect advertising tool for your trade show ventures:

1. Attractive Booth Space

Trade shows have dozens upon dozens of brands competing against each other. In such a competitive environment, you can’t afford to blend into the background with a traditional trade show display. If you want to truly stand out and be noticed by the crowd, then backlit trade show displays are the way to go!

You need a marketing tool that can make your booth space attractive and inviting to the visitors – a backlit display can do just that. If you install backlighting to your trade show displays, your exhibition space will stand out even in a well-lit environment. The white LED lights installed in fabric backlit displays will definitely boost the overall graphic impact of your trade show presence.

2. Highly Visible Content

A well-designed backlit trade show display with striking graphics will immediately mesmerize your visitors. So, make sure that you choose the right words, fonts, graphics, and colours on your display. Without lighting, your display will probably look good, but with good LED lighting, everything is surely going to pop.

With a backlit display, the content and graphics will become more attractive and visible. Even the fringe elements of your design will become more defined. Plus, a backlit display will instantly send a more professional and chic impression of your brand to your visitors.

3. High-Quality Graphics

The printing process used for fabric backlit displays is called dye sublimation transfer fabric printing. It essentially uses environment-friendly water-based dyes that are grassed and permanently etched into the fibres of your display, which makes your displays washable.

This “green” printing process also allows light to penetrate through your display evenly, which adds a unique texture to them. It enables deep colour saturation, which results in a sharp and durable image that provides a fantastic visual impact.

4. Customizable and Portable

Another great benefit of using backlit displays at trade shows is that you can customize them to fit your needs. Plus, these displays are incredibly versatile and you have a whole host of options to choose from – you can get fabric light box, backlit popup displays, portable counters, as well as mobile fabric backlit displays that will fit in your suitcase!

5. Easy to Assemble

Backlit trade show displays are incredibly easy to assemble. They usually come with an expandable pop-up frame and can be assembled and collapsed within seconds. Plus, they are lightweight and easy to carry, which allows you to prop them up anywhere you want.  

The backlighting setup is integrated so seamlessly into the displays that you can effortlessly attach it to the frame. The fabric of backlit displays is also designed and sewn so intricately into the frame that these displays often give the appearance of being frameless, which improves their appeal.   

These amazing benefits of backlit displays make them the best and most effective marketing tool that you can use at your next trade show event.