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Types of Floor Graphics You Need to Know About

Types of Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a great marketing tool and have been around since forever. Yet, many marketers fail to make the best use of this technique to create an impact on the audience. Not only are floor graphics cheap and easy to install, but they also serve multiple purposes. Be it your workplace, your store, or your retail outlet, creative floor graphics can spruce up the environment.

Here are the different types of floor graphics.  

Advertising and Promotional Floor Graphics

Since floor graphics are considered as a marketing technique, the most common type of floor graphics are advertising and promotional ones. When designed carefully by keeping your audience in mind, floor graphics can grab the audience’s attention very effectively. Also, not only are removable floor graphics one of the cheapest ways to advertise your brand or products, but they also utilize minimal space and can be changed at any time!

Here are some other most popular promotional floor graphics.

Retail Floor Graphics

Retail floor graphics serve as a great and effective tool for increasing product sales. By designing floor graphics in a particular way, you can create a need in the mind of your consumers! For instance, if you want to increase the sales of soft drinks or cans, you can add eye-catching water droplets in your graphics. However, you need to ensure that the graphics are alluring and effective enough to attract people.

Branding Floor Graphics 

Another type of floor graphics that can get your audience to notice and possibly get acquainted with your brand or company is branding floor graphics. You have probably spotted a lot of branding floor graphics in malls, shopping centres, spas and even gymnasiums. They entail the name and logo of an organization or business. However, you need to acknowledge that they will only be impactful and effective if they are designed artistically and tastefully.  

Directional Floor Graphics

Directional floor graphics are a highly underrated type of floor graphics. Their main purpose is to provide directions or guide your audience when they visit a business or retail store. Navigating through a store can be pretty hard, especially if you’re a first time visitor. So, instead of making you feel lost, creative floor graphics can grab your attention and provide you with directions.  

Way-Finding Graphics

Way-finding floor graphics can make something as basic as directions seem creative and interesting. Moreover, these graphics can also be used to guide your audience to a certain point of interest.

For instance, way-finding floor graphics can be used to guide your customers to store departments. Moreover, they can also be placed at integral places so that they alert your customers about your business and help them navigate through the area easily. Way-finding floor graphics can also be used to direct your customers towards special products, serving the purpose of being both directional and promotional.


The bottom line is that there are many types of floor graphics, all of which serve different purposes. The best part about floor graphics is that they are easy to install and remove, utilize minimum space and are very budget friendly. So, if you are searching for a great marketing tool – floor graphics are the ideal option!

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