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Eco-Friendly Display Materials

Organizations that are concerned about their carbon footprint are always on the lookout for eco-friendly products that could be of use to them. Some of these companies have switched to using recycled paper at their offices in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Other organizations may offer their employees reusable plastic cups to use instead of the disposable cups they normally use.

Another area where businesses can use eco-friendly products is advertising. Recent innovations in material technology have led to the creation of recyclable mesh fabric banners and fence banners.

These banners are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is a common thermoplastic polyester resin. This material is durable, water resistant, and can be recycled. All these properties make it suitable to use in outdoor banners.

Why companies should use eco-friendly displays

Businesses use large quantities of plastic to create their promotional banners. These banners are traditionally made from PVC, which can be difficult to recycle. As a result, thousands of tons of this material end up in landfills every year, and have the potential to harm the environment around them.

The raw materials used to make PVC are also limited in quantity. This means new PVC may be difficult to create in the future.

PVC typically takes up to 100 years to decompose under direct sunlight. However, PVC that is shielded from sunlight by other objects in the landfill may last for thousands of years. In addition to this, PVC contains toxic additives such as phthalates, lead, cadmium, and organotins that are released as the material breaks down.

Eco-friendly materials such as PET are easier to recycle than PVC. They offer a great alternative for companies concerned about the environmental impact of their activities.

PET is also far less toxic compared to PVC, which means it is less likely to damage the environment as it decomposes.

Informing others about your commitment to the environment

Banners made from PET that conform to the local plastics recycling code often include the “recycling” logo on their designs. This logo is reserved for products and materials that have been officially certified as recyclable.

Including this logo on your mesh fabric banners and printed mesh fence banners is a great way for companies to inform others about their commitment towards protecting the environment.

Far too many companies have been neglecting the environmental impact of their activities. Using eco-friendly materials and displaying the recycling logo on your banners could encourage other companies to also start monitoring their carbon footprint.

Other eco-friendly banner solutions

Eco-friendly banner manufacturers have also begun using eco-solvent inks that are less damaging to the environment. Eco-solvents are water-based inks made from ether extracts derived from mineral oil. These inks are biodegradable and won’t contaminate the soil or water in landfills.

Companies that are concerned about the environmental impact of their advertising banners should opt to use PET banners with designs printed using eco-solvent inks.