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3 Factors That Make Modular Booth Systems Better than Custom Exhibits

Reasons Why Modular Trade Exhibits Are Better Than Custom Exhibits

Modular booth systems are becoming increasingly popular in the world of trade shows thanks to their versatility, cost-effectiveness and customization options. Companies going for modular trade show displays can choose from a variety of configuration options, and play with designs and graphics to create unique and eye-catching exhibition booth designs. This helps attract great visitor attention and foot traffic to your company booth.

Let’s have a look at how a modular exhibition booth can be better for your business compared to a custom booth. 

1. Provides Flexibility and a Personal Touch

Custom exhibits cannot provide you with the unique and customized look that your brand deserves. On the flip side, with a modular exhibition booth , you can get more creative, move sections around and adjust the booth’s layout according to the available space at the trade show. You can create and add new graphics, shapes and colours that can truly capture the essence of your brand, company, and products or services.

Moreover, you can reconfigure the modular booth systems for each trade show so that your display looks fresh and can be adjusted according to the varying space available.

2. Cost-Effective

Modular exhibition displays are less expensive than custom exhibits. Not only will you save money on their transportation, shipping, installation, and storage, but making changes to modular displays is also easy.

You can also use them for various purposes at different shows. Thus, you don’t have to get a new display booth made for every show. This makes modular displays an economical option for companies that participate in trade shows frequently.

3. Ease of Use and Shipping

Modular display stands are designed keeping convenience in mind. This includes ease of assembling, installation and dismantling of stands. On the other hand, custom displays are quite difficult to assemble and most companies have to hire external services to help them with it as they can’t handle the exhibit stands on their own.

With a modular booth system, your company representatives can quickly get the booth up and running before the start of the show. Similarly, they can easily take it apart at the end of the show. They can also be easily broken down and packed in boxes to be shipped to the next show or back to your office. Above all, the shipping costs will be minimal as they are compact and lightweight.

You can upgrade your current modular exhibit by adding new graphics or an additional banner stand that will complement the design and shape of the booth. These upgrades will quickly give a fresh look to your booth without a high cost.  



Modular displays are quickly taking over custom exhibits due to all these advantages. If you’re looking for trade show exhibits that offer great efficiency and ease of use, modular displays are the best choice.