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Top Best Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity in 2022 [Must Try]

To surf, the internet majority of people use Google Chrome. Chrome has now one of the best browsers of all time due to its feature and security. Chrome Best extensions will help you to boost productivity, source content and reduce distractions.

Make your browsing experience better by adding more features by Chrome extensions. The best thing there are many options available, in one click you can work more productive, smarter and safer all due to the variety of tools offered by the Google Chrome Web store. You can take notes, edit docs, check emails, get reminders and more.

In this guide, you will go through the best ones that surely will increase your productivity and efficiency in your work. We curated in this way that is easy to use and time-efficient for marketers who are busy with their work and do have not enough time.

Chrome extensions have a variety of extensions that you can use and enjoy the best of it. Be productive, stay in touch & relax!

Chrome Extensions are split into different categories:

  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Productivity
  • Content Securing
  • New Tab
  • Security

Note: All are free to use but some have paid features and subscriptions.

Social Media Chrome Extensions

  1. BuzzSumo

How content is put on, insight is provided by BuzzSumo. Click the extensions, when you are on the web page, to show metrics like backlinks to a piece and the number of social shares. This tool will get you an easy way to show the amount of engagement on your content. To uncover strategies and do competitor analysis also use BuzzSumo for this purpose and it makes your content more shareable.

  1. Save to Facebook

Users on Facebook can aggregate links, images and videos in their account in one location by using the feature of “Save” Facebook. On the web, this extension works the same by making Facebook a compact place to save the content of your interest and you can check later.

  1. Bitly

Directly from the browser, marketers easily and quickly compress links and can share on social media by using this extension. For marketers of social media, this is peculiarly important and an Enterprise plan allows for customization.

  1. Pinterest

On your Pinterest boards due to this extension, you can save items without navigating away from what you are doing. On each website this tool show you multiple available pinnable items, so you can save more than one item on your board at one time. Usually, you have to click on each image or blog post individually to pin separately to your boards.

  1. HubSpot Social

Directly from the browser, HubSpot social lets you post on your social media accounts. In advance, you can organize posts, from an external blog share quotes directly on your social feed and share web pages also. In another tab you don’t need to open the HubSpot portal, you can do it directly from your current using webpage.

  1. Reddit Enhancement Suite

If you are a user of Reddit for your professional or personal use then this is a good option for you to easy to use Reddit. On the website and browse posts, boost your experience more easily by downloading the Chrome Extension of Reddit Enhancement Suite. This extension is well-suited to the Reddit original version.

  1. Buffer

From any website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter you can easily share content by using Buffer. You can also schedule your posts from the browser by using the Buffer extension without opening the Buffer website and schedule queue posts for the future.

  1. Social Analyzer

It is one of the monitoring tools for social media that allows you to keep up with a post on trending in your target industry or market. On Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube see the most recent posts and videos and analyze what people are interacting on which type of content. You can use this tool to track brand sentiment and clarify your marketing efforts on social media.

  1. App for Instagram

This extension can allow you to keep a check on Instagram notifications without checking your phone constantly. In the browser, users directly see what happens on Instagram with this extension. Straight in the browser you can access your Instagram feed and see others' content in a detailed form.

  1. Rite Tag

Before post content on Facebook and Twitter, RiteTag shows you how hashtags are performing. Using Twitter and FaceBook When you sign in RiteTag, it checks out your typed hashtags in real-time and codes the colour on them:

Blogging Chrome Extensions

  1. Grammarly

For proper word use, grammar and spelling Grammarly is an app for reviewing blogs. In your desktop application, you can drop content for review or you can use its chrome extension to check out the grammar error when you are typing something online or on MS Word also.

  1. Google Dictionary

When you are researching online, many times it happens you came across unfamiliar words. You can solve this problem rather than Google every word manually, you can add its Chrome extension, and you will get a definition when you click on a specific word.

  1. Office Editing for Sheets, Slides & Docs

Check out office editing, if you want to work with your team on PC with various operating systems, and want to collaborate on a live document. Into Google Drive, you can easily drop your Microsoft Office files by this extension for editing and viewing them without installing any other software on your computer.

  1. Difree

When you are working online, it is difficult to free yourself from distractions to write worthwhile. For a clean and neutral text editor, this Chrome extension opens a new tab that will auto-save while you are working and need a break from your writing.

  1. Language Tool

For a website, the Language tool is a Chrome extension for checking out the existing text and checking the grammar of your writing content. Where active text box in Google Docs or any website its works. For various languages it also works, if you want to work for different niches and markets so this is one of the amazing tools for you.

  1. Wordtune

This is an Al powered Chrome Extension that has many alternatives for the currently open web page. You can highlight the sentence you would like to rewrite and Wordtune provide many alternatives on every tool whether it is Outlook, Google docs or another text editor. Then you just choose the one which you like the most.

  1. ProWritingAid

For articles, blog posts and web pages ProWritingAid is another Chrome extension for checking spelling, grammar and clarity. It works in your browser for Google Docs and every text editor like the other tools. It will highlight your error and give you the most appropriate suggestions.

  1. Readme

In the Chrome browser readme works as a text-to-speech reader that will increase accessibility for reading and writing articles. For proofreading purposes, it helps you to listen to your draft. Listening is an easy way to find errors in your writing content.

  1. Helperbird

For writers that have some disability, dyslexia or blindness Helperbird is a convenient Chrome extension for those people for working more efficiently. You can turn text into speech, change the font of the document, use a magnifier, and change font sizes. Into plain text “Reader Mode” you can turn pages and articles for easy scanning and reading.

  1. MyBib

Directly in your browser create citations by using the MyBib Chrome extension. Go to the page, article, tweet or video that you like to cite then select the format of citation and copy-paste. Save it to “Project” if you are collecting different sources. In any format, you can download all of your cited work. In addition, it also gives you an in-text citation too.


SEO Chrome Extension

  1. SEOQuake

SEOQuake helps SEO marketers about different websites get insights easily without leaving their web page. On the Google result page, you will get backlink information and be able to find search ranking in just one click. Amount of backlinks on the website according to SEMrush, external and internal links list, on the page about the keyword density you can also get details about these.

  1. Check My Links

This Chrome extension will show you the links which are broken and which is working properly, and also web page scanning. This feature can help the marketer to know about their website is working properly or not for their audience. In addition, on the websites of marketers, their content can check broken backlinks. In this way, marketers can increase their authority of domain by building backlinks to their content.

  1. NoFollow

The Chrome extension NoFollow identifies links which are coded with no-follow metatag, and speedily indexes web pages. By search engines, No-follow links don’t creep and in the authority of search engines don’t contribute. So NoFollow is used to analyze external sites that are backlinking to them with followed of links, indexed.

In addition, if you don’t want to creep, on web pages you might use no-follow links like the thankyou page or landing page and this extension will helps you to double-check check you are coding links correctly or not. Below is the picture, no-follow links are highlighted in red.

  1. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

It is an SEO tool for beginners as well as for experts. It is a Google Chrome plugin that works on a search engine results page (SERP), in your Google search for every website and the keyword you can get SEO insights.

To target PPC and SEO find out thousands of good performing keywords. Find the best opportunities for the best backlink, Spy on your opposed Facebook, Instagram ads and Google Ads.

  1. Impactana

About any web page, this chrome extension has a variety of social media, content marketing and SEO information. It has two metrics “Buzz” and Impact. Impact measures the metric of SEO like time on page, backlinks and click-through rate while Buss measure on social media reaches of the website. Details like publisher and author contact information that help PR professionals also get through Impactana.

  1. Keyword Surfer

For your business-related search, this Chrome extension gives you related keywords. For the keyword, you can see monthly search volume and create an outline for an article that will help you to rank for that particular keyword. For competing articles and pages, you can see the word count with the help of Keyword Surfer.

  1. Link Research SEO Toolbar

You can see the core metric of a website by using the toolbar of Link Research SEO and also understand how well a website can work against competitors. With an active Research Tool subscription, this Chrome extension is best paired to get the most out of it.

  1. SEO META in 1 CLICK

For getting information on Meta website SEO META in 1 CLICK is an amazing tool. With a single click, you guessed it, no need to click right, go on “View Page Source”, to see website meta details, read line after line of code. In the competitive research tool, you can see the meta description of top-ranked competitors.

Across the board, you can double-check your optimization of the website. On your website, it offers shortcuts to check the friendliness of mobile and also keyword density can be analyzed on web pages.

  1. Serpstat Website SEO Checker

Serpstat Website SEO Checker chrome extension capable of analyzing your performance of the competitor. You can analyze structured data, CMS, sitemap status and many more competitors' websites depending on their website security. On the Serpstat account, when you sign p you can see top keywords and traffic on the page.

  1. SEO Minion


You can access your competitor's website data and metrics by SEO Minion which allows you to carry out deep research of competitor websites. You can also examine broken links, review in SERP page appearance highlights the links. All convenient tools for checking your articles and web pages to make sure they are in the best shape.

Chrome Extensions for Productivity

  1. Todoist

On all of your devices, Todoist allows you to create a visually engaging and highly arranged to-do list as it is a project management tool. You don’t need to open separate apps, devices or tabs and you can see your to-do list, your tasks add and the list shared by teams.

  1. HubSpot Sales

With your CRM, the tool of HubSpot Sales connects with an inbox of emails. Rather than navigate between two products, this extension let you into your CRM and transfers directly all of your contact information from your email. This extension saves time for employees in their regular workflow and keeps valuable information.

HubSpot has another feature of providing logging of emails and tracking. Users can receive a notification when their sending emails are delivered, opened and checked. In the whole process, overall the CRM email thread can be logged continuously.

  1. Reply

With your potential customer on LinkedIn, Reply’s Chrome extensions offer you to research and engage. This is one of the easy and fast ways to find and confirm someone’s email address, using the LinkedIn Sales navigator both one by one or in bulk.

In your CRM, when you get contact you can sync and straight connect with prospects including HubSpot.

  1. Stay Focused

On some particular websites, StayFocused allows you to set aside your time so you can abolish interruption when you set to work. You can set your time as this Chrome extension is customizable, on FaceBook set your time limit is only 5 minutes and on Twitter 20 minutes. Like required challenge, it has a feature: on sites once you set a time limit then if you want to change settings, you need to complete the challenge (think: without answering questions or typos retyping piece of text).

  1. LastPass

In this Chrome extension all of the accounts you save, LastPass is a password manager that auto-fills passwords. You just need to remember only one password; the password of LastPass. This can save time and secure your data.

  1. Add to Trello

This Chrome extension is used for a content calendar, management of the project, to-do list and team collaboration. On Trello boards, you can easily add links as cards.

  1. Extensions Manager

This extension allows organizing all of your Chrome extensions so they don’t take half of your browser screen. Google Chrome shows extensions you have to operate and you can hide some icons to keep your browser screen clean and organized.

  1. Toggle Track

Consider this chrome extension, if you often find yourself spending on a task too much time and others' tasks are incomplete. Straight in the comfort of your browser, it starts a timer. On your phone, you do not need to set a timer. Just open the Toogl Track extension and notice the time you spend on a task.

  1. Print Friendly & PDF   

You can use this Chrome extension easily if you need to save the page in PDF or print-friendly format. On the web page, this extension eliminates all the ads and other cluttering elements and becomes an aesthetic reading experience. You can change the size of text and also delete images.

  1. Email Finder


Email Finder automatically offers you a list of verified emails links with domains, whether you are searching for blogging opportunities or the owner of a small website, carrying out sales outreach. For marketers and sales reps it is an amazing tool for persons who want to save their time while searching for potential prospects.

Content Sourcing Chrome Extensions

When you are writing a blog or researching, you need sometimes a good content coordination tool that saves your important information. Let’s explore some of these tools.

  1. OneNote Web Clipper

You want to save information like login details and others to return for later use either you carry out research for a project or online reading different articles. Rather than saving information or content to other documents or applications, you can save in your existing OneNote directly when you write a blog or web page for easy reference. The best thing about OneNote Web Clipper is everything is available on any device, where you can use OneNote.

  1. Awesome Screenshot

While staying in the browser, with abilities of photo editing and annotation Awesome Screenshot is a screen capture Chrome extension. When you take a screenshot of a complete web page or some specific area of your screen, you can edit it by blur information, cropping, highlighting and drawing shapes.

  1. Evernote Web Clipper

For content collaboration, Evernote is an organization and note-taking app that can be shared across. Within the Evernote app, users can save the link in a clipboard with the extension of Evernote Web Clipper for thereafter reference and reading.

  1. Giphy for Chrome

Animated GIFs are liked by everyone. This extension makes social media funny and engaging posts, and blogs. Without navigating away, you can easily grab GIFs from a wide database of Giphy with this extension for any content on which you are working.

  1. Sidebar

Websites for bookmarking manually can sometimes be a monotonous process. Without opening a new tab, the sidebar allows you to maintain the website that you want to save for delayed use. For later reference, save the website to bookmarks, add notes and create folders.

  1. Distill Web Monitor

On Website or articles, Distill Web Monitor authorize you to keep changes that you cited in your work. In this way, you can make sure that you are providing updated information to your website visitors and readers. Pages that you are interested in citing are also tracked those pages through this Chrome extension.

  1. Nimbus Screenshot

In your browser, the Nimbus Screenshot extension can exist and it makes it easy for you to screenshot your entire or half screen page. To the cloud, your captured screenshot automatically save and make sure that you don’t misplace them.

  1. LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is an extraordinary useful Chrome extension for bloggers and marketers who has research work or are in technical industries. Depending on the library you often use this extension will helps you to find, and access millions of articles.

  1. Video Downloader Professional

This Chrome extension is very useful for downloading videos from the internet, if you need to source non-YouTube videos for your blog posts then this will helps you. Websites, Twitter, Facebook or other places where original video links are not available then you can use this Video Downloader Professional for video downloading.

  1. Google Scholar Button

If you want to write content on scientific, technical or other research-based then Google Scholar is the best tool for you. Directly from your browser, you can find articles and books.  Sometimes it links straight to the PDF and sometimes it links to the landing page of articles on the research website. Whether it’s the best option to search for articles and books you don’t need to search manually for research articles or books.

Best Chrome Extensions for New Tab

  1. One Tab

When you carry out research for something, it is easy to open different content in multiple tabs to get the most suitable content you want. It is difficult to navigate between multiple tabs when it comes to writing and moving back to the sources. This problem can be solved by using this Chrome extension One Tab, which allows you to use single tabs for different multiple URLs for reference easily.

  1. Momentum

This Chrome extension is simple to use that replaces blank new tabs with inspiring quotes, reports of weather, and splendid photography. When you open the browser for the first-time Momentum has a space to write down a list for the day.

  1. Blank New Tab Page

When you open a tab in Chrome, Blank New Tab Page is like a completely white, blank page. On new tabs, the new version of Google Chrome, themes and browser settings of today, recently visited website display reviews or search bar of Google when you open it. If you want to navigate somewhere new and have a blank page for this, this is the perfect Chrome extension for you.

  1. Infinity New Tab

In Chrome Every new tab you open, Infinity New Tab has a feature known as Speed Dial. The website you most often visited, this feature can create large icon shortcuts as shown in the picture. As new websites are added, you can manage these icons by customization and adding productivity widgets such as to-do lists on each tab also.

  1. me

In Chrome, you can change each new tab in a personal dashboard with the help of With different photos, videos, bookmarks of web pages, specific site news feeds and productivity widgets you can occupy the dashboard. Instead of print, or on your desktop if you want to keep your regular schedule online, this Chrome extension is best for you.

  1. Earth View

Earth view can make your browser experience beautiful instead of easier. By Google, expand your skills in geography when using the internet at a time with Earth View. Whenever you open a new tab, the first thing you can see is the beautiful location of a satellite image anywhere on Earth. In the above picture, you can see some images that are shown on the new tab.

  1. Infinite New Tab

On this list, the fourth new extension not be confused with its name Infinity New Tab, into canvas this browser tool can turn your new tab. You can customize your new tab background, by choosing from more than 100 wallpapers. It also has a notepad for the task and a reminder list.

  1. Homey

This Chrome extension is a relaxing and uncluttered new tab that changes your new tab into the dashboard. With most often visit websites, you can see access bookmarks, the weather of the city and create a grid. Alternately, you can make your dashboard clean for an overwhelming experience. Of your choice, you can access to the search engine by using Homey.

  1. New Tab Redirect

When clicking on the new tab New Tab Redirect open the page of your choice automatically. The file you saved in Google Drive this tool can also redirect a particular file or anywhere online.

  1. Speed Dial

This Chrome extension is amazing to use that change your new tab in a 3D dashboard. In a dashboard, you are accessible to your more often visited sited and the bookmarks that remind you of your MySpace days. This extension is continuously upgraded for user-friendliness and performance so don’t let it fool you.

Best Chrome Extensions for Security

  1. HTTPS Everywhere

It is a tool that ensures before you visit a site, the site is safe. At the start of most websites, you might identify this tag, across the internet it is not present everywhere and it is not sure that the site you visiting is 100% secure.

With this Chrome Extension, any website you visit in Chrome HTTPS Everywhere rewrite the request you send so you ensure that browser has allowed you to visit the more secure version of that website. Browse makes sure that while you are online, your information is safe and your PC doesn’t grab malware.

  1. Click&Clean


It is difficult to clear the history manually from the browser when you continuously download material. On your browser toolbar, this Google Chrome extension Click&Clean allows you to clean cache, download history, website cookies, URL and searches in one click. This extension has another amazing feature of scanning viruses in your computer for viruses and unused applications clean from your computer hardware and then your computer works fast.

  1. J2TEAM Security

J2TEAM Security starts with basic protection from the virus. You can customize your block list of the website through this Google extension and sure that on blogging sites Chrome browser uses an “HTTPS” security tag that prevents you to visit unsafe sites blogging.

The extension also has a feature of specific privacy settings for Facebook, like after you read private messages it blocks the “seen” tag and hides your active status and how long you have been active on Facebook.

  1. Ghostery

This Chrome extension is ad-blocking, designed to remove ads that disturbs you when you are visiting content on the website. It also incognito your data of browser so your personal information is unable to collect by ad-tracking tools that you want to be kept private. This feature can improve the experience of using the browser by speeding up webpages loading time.

  1. Checkbot

Checkbot allows you to observe how optimized and how safe a website is for search engines as this chrome extension is a combination of technical SEO and modern security. Additionally in rankings the quality of content, Google prioritize the security of the website, this Chrome extension for web developers and content creators is a handy one-two punch.

Per domain, Checkbot can check the speed of web pages, SEO and entire security of more than 250 URLs for free. It will help you in these categories that protect you and your website visitors from malware material.

  1. Avast Online Security

This Chrome extension is known as the “web reputation plugin”, analyses each website individually you visit for distrustful data. Avast Online Security also warns you if you visit any site that has a bad reputation. To help Avast you can rate the website you visit and indicate unsafe webpages on Chrome.

  1. FlowCrypt

FlowCrypt is a security extension that is specific to emails, that allows you to send and receive encrypted attachments and emails from your prospects. In transit to the recipient, it ensures that your emails are secure and private.

This Chrome extension use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption; most clients' emails are standard for encryption. With Gmail, it works perfectly, in your inbox add a ‘Secure Compose’.

  1. Fair AdBlocker

In one browser extension, Fair AdBlocker has both adware and malware. This can distract pop-ups and diverting ads also protects you from malware. After installation, you can manage the blocking settings and hide the ads in which you are not interested. It will help you to protect your computer from harmful information that might harm the computer.

  1. Speedtest by Ookla

Learn how websites loads can quickly and how much your internet connection is fast. After knowing this you can work more on your internet connection to keep it fast, and for your website, you also see your metrics performance.

  1. Hola Free VPN

Hola Free VPN allows you to work for free either browse content from other countries or online you need to cloak your identity. This Chrome extension allows you to use the internet safely and you don’t need to pay for an expensive VPN to work on another country's content. 

Wrapping Up

Now you are familiar with many Chrome extensions that will help you in your day to day work and make it easier and more efficient. To make your work more productive and save your time by using these extensions. The listed above extension surely will help you in your research, blogs, articles and other work. Try all the tools to make your life easy and time-intensive.