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Various Uses of Floor Graphics

Best Uses for Floor Graphics

Retail Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can be found anywhere, from the roads to shops and even malls. Retail floor graphics are an extremely popular way to divert customer and audience attention towards certain products. By plastering creatively-designed floor graphics you can catch your customers off-guard – in a good way. Retail floor graphics make your message standout as they are placed right under your audiences’ noses, making them impossible to miss. By incorporating bright colors and popping designs you can further pique customer interest.

Branding with Floor Graphics 

Branding helps develop customer trust and loyalty. Moreover, one of the most crucial objectives of business signage is brand reinforcement. Floor graphics are a fantastic way to reinforce your brand identity and create brand awareness.

Since they are very eye-catching, floor graphics can be used to inform customers about your company values, products and services. By incorporating your company logo and colors, customized floor graphics also help capture the personality of your brand.

Floor graphics can also be used to educate customers about your achievements while simultaneously promoting company goals. When customers repeatedly come into contact with your brand message and name, they are highly likely to remember your company for longer.

Wayfinding Floor Graphics

Another great purpose that floor graphics serve is – they help customers find their way. Your audience looks for convenient and easy ways to find what they are looking for. While wall signage and other posters might be effective to guide your customers, they often consume a lot of space and seven cause obstructions in the pathway.

Utilizing minimal space, floor graphics help customers navigate through a shop or office easily and effortlessly. Wayfinding floor graphics are arrows with labeling that guide customers to pivotal points and departments, without allowing them to wander around feeling lost. Moreover, directional floor graphics can also be used to direct customers to important products and services, helping you expand your sales. Floor graphics near checkout counters also encourage many last minute purchases.


Floor graphics offer a variety of benefits to businesses including advertising, branding and marketing, making it a great yet super cost-effective advertising solution. Moreover, customized floor graphics also match the personality of your brand, helping boost sales and creating a more thrilling customer experience.

If you are looking for some great wayfinding, retail or any other customized floor graphics, visit our website now!