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Car Magnet Advertising

Everything You Need to Know About Car Magnets

If your traditional branding strategies aren’t showing the desired results, car magnet advertising is an effective solution. This article will cover everything you need to know about car magnets in Sydney. Before we dig deeper, let’s find out what car magnets are:

What Are Car Magnets?

Simply put, these are vinyl car decals or stickers that are stuck onto the side of cars, vans, and other vehicles using a magnetic layer. Not only are they a tremendous way to get noticed in the crowd, but they are also more economical and affordably priced than most other branding channels available.

On top of that, car magnets are durable and long-lasting, come in various sizes, and can be wedged anywhere on any vehicle.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Car Magnets

Before you position a car magnet onto your vehicle, clean the entire vehicle and let it dry. Then, come to the specific area where you plan to place the sign. Wax the portion properly. Next, use water and a mild detergent to clean the magnetic layer that will append the car magnet onto your vehicle.

In addition, choose a steel or iron area on your vehicle to stick the car magnet because it won’t attach to aluminum, plastic, fiberglass or wood-grain siding.  When attaching, be sure to eliminate any bubbles or air pockets that may form inside the car magnet. Moreover, consider using car magnets with rounded corners as they incredibly resist blowing away when you’re driving fast.

Limitations of Car Magnets

While car magnet advertising effectively draws attention, if car magnets aren’t properly fixed on the car, they can blow away, giving a really bad look. Even for a short while, if a half-blown or torn sticker gives a poor impression of your brand, it kills the purpose of car magnets.

No doubt they’re durable, but car magnets are also known to blow off during very high speeds, particularly on highways. Wind can easily penetrate inside the magnet if it’s not securely attached at all edges. If the sticker flies off, it can result in serious traffic accidents on highways. Hence, car magnets aren’t suitable for highways, which is a big drawback for some companies.

Besides, car magnets can be damaging for the body paint of the vehicle. When they remain attached for longer periods of time, a metal reaction takes place between the magnet, the metal in the doors, and the moisture that piles up in between. After extended periods, the vehicle paint on that area may fade.

Finally, car magnets require a considerable amount of maintenance. They need to be cleaned pretty often and kept dry at all times. If you fail to take care of it, dirt and condensation eventually will build up between the attaching surfaces, weakening the strength of the magnetic grip.

Final Word

If you’re looking for car magnets in Sydney, check out  sticker options by Vividads that can be customized as per your size and shape requirements.