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Rollup Banners & Their Advantages for Your Business

Rollup Banners & Their Advantages for Your Business

Rollup banners, or perhaps people may know them as premium pull up banners , banner display stands, retractable banners, are marketing tools used by small, medium, and large businesses alike as a form of tangible advertisement. Rollup banners are especially used for trade shows, company exhibitions, or business seminars, but there is no restriction as to where you can use them. There are numerous ways of advertising a company, product, or service but amongst them, Pull up banners come under the excellent category. This is because when you advertise with pullup banners or retractable banners, you are getting lots of advantages in return.

Advantages of pullup Banners

The numerous advantages of rollup banners are guaranteed when you purchase retractable banners or rollup display stands by Vivid Ads. We know that no advantage can be beneficial if the quality of the product is not supreme, so at Vivid Ads, we focus on high-quality rollup banner stands to suit all your advertising needs. Now that you can be certain about the quality, the following are the benefits that you will be getting with your premium pull up banners.

Portability of Pull up Banners

Pull up banner stands or pull up banners are lightweight, designed to be easy to manage and move around. Their base is sturdy, but they are still light and easy to place from one place to another. Since they are reusable, you will be moving them from places, so this advantage sits well with most businesses. Additionally, for the businesses that require these pullup banners for seminars and trade shows, they are going to require to be shifted, if not to another area, then probably to another city or country. For this, pullup banners are easy to transport via cars, trains, and even planes. Businesses no longer have to spend a lot of money just because they have to travel to another country – they can simply take their ads with them.

At Vivid Ads, rollup banners are provided with a carry case to make the transportation even easier. They weigh no more than 4 to 6 kg and so it’s easy to move them around, without any effort or extra manpower required.

Easy Installation of Pullup Banners

Just as their lightweight feature makes them easy to move around, it also helps with easy installation and set up. However, the main ease comes from the coil/roll technology – display banner stands can easily be rolled up and set up to display ads and when it is time to remove them or shift them, you can easily roll them down. With the carry case provided at Vivid Ads, you can also easily put them safely inside. The canvas or fabric does not curl, crease, or get damaged in any way when stored.

Rollup Banners are Reusable

Not many advertising tools are reusable. If you are using posters, they stick to one place. If you are getting billboards, they are either rented or permanent. But when it comes to rollup banners, they can easily be reused whenever. You can use them for different seminars and events; you can shift their place if the initial decided place is not working, etc.

Rollup Banners are Attractive

It is hard to miss an ad when it’s placed on a rollup banner. They immediately grab people’s attention and if not the text, then people still read your company’s name and see the relevant image(s). Rollup banners at Vivid Ads use HD color displays and high quality content printing so that your ad stands out nicely. You can also choose single sided ones or double sided ones and also select suitable sizes. At Vivid Ads, the smaller sizes are approx. 80cm x 140cm, 80cm x 200cm, 85cm x 140cm and the larger sizes are 85cm x 200cm, 100cm x 200cm, or 2 meter tall. You can select size and sides according to where you initially plan on placing your display banner stand but they all can generally be used anywhere and all sizes grab attention easily.

Durable Canvas/Fabric of Rollup Banners

High quality Vivid Ads rollup banners come with laminated print adverts that make your ads look bright and glossy. The laminate also helps prevent scratches, scruffs, dust, and the like, making its life last long and keeping the quality intact. For additional cleaning, you can also gently wipe the surface with a damp paper towel or cloth.

Rollup Banners for Indoors and Outdoors

Keeping them indoors, needless to say, has no harms but you can also keep your rollup banner outdoors as sunlight does not damage or make the ad’s colors fade away. Dust and dirt do not damage its quality either so you can easily place it wherever you want.  

Flexibility Feature of Rollup Banners

At Vivid Ads, you can select from a wide range of rollup banners of different styles, sides, and sizes. You can choose according to your necessity or preference. For recommendations, if you want a rollup banner that has more content to describe your ad and can immediately grab attention, you should go for larger and double sided display banners and if you want a professional looking, sleek retractable banner, choose the slimmer and single sided ones. You can also pair rollup banners side by side to make a larger advert.

Vivid Ads Rollup Banners

At Vivid Ads, we offer a bright and extensive range of rollup or pullup banners for all your bran exposure and marketing needs. If you have a sale or discount theme going on, or you have a trade show or exhibition to represent, or need an attractive advert to place at points of sale or office entrances, these rollup banner ads make for the best solution. You can get all types of images, symbols, and text content printed upon your rollup banner, and you can select from a variety of colors. We guarantee the quality will be unparalleled and all the advantages listed about will be exactly what you find with your retractable banner stand purchase at Vivid Ads.