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The Top 8 Corporate Event Planning Tips You’re Missing Out On!

8 Spectacular Ideas for Hosting a Next-Level Corporate Event

Do you want to host a corporate event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests? Arranging a successful corporate night can be insanely tricky. It’s unlike any other occasion you’ve organized. Your corporate event mainly stands out because it puts together people from different walks of life.

At the event, there will be businesspersons, prospective clients, sponsors, entrepreneurs, news reporters, and of course, your own people. Some you’ll obviously know very well, others not so much. But they’re all here under one roof to celebrate your brand.  

The greater the event attendance, the more exposure your company will get. However, hosting a corporate event is so much than dollar signs and revenues. It is a meaningful step to establish your brand presence and realign your values.

It is a wonderful way to remind your employees that their hard work has paid off. Above all, a corporate event offers a lucrative opportunity to introduce a new product or service to prospective clients. But with so many corporate events organized annually, the question begs, how will yours stand out?

What is going to make it special enough to win clients, land successful deals, and get the audience talking? The corporate event planning process in Australia is certainly not child’s play. It requires thorough planning and getting down to the very intricate details.

From a rip-roaring entrance to the elegant décor, eye-grabbing banners, and company flags – everything must hit the mark. Instead of splurging on things that every next corporate event has, it’s time to invest in creativity.

And, to help you do that, we’ve curated a list of new and exciting corporate event planning tips to help you pull off an outstanding corporate night! So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

1. Planning a Grand Entrance

Starting the occasion off on the right foot is half the work done. The doorway is one area that needs your special attention. By making the entrance a grand affair, you’ve already set the scene for what the remaining event is going to be like. Your audience will know what to expect.

Think of it as an alternate universe that your guests are soon going to step into. To make the entrance as enrapturing as possible, you need to offer your corporate guests something they’ve never seen before. But you need to be wary about not going overboard.

So, how can you keep things elegant, bright, and exciting without overwhelming your guests? The trick is to ditch the old corporate ideas and try something unique. Here are four super cool ways to decorate the foyer at the event that will instantly pull your guests’ attention!

· Stylish and Exclusive One-Way Window Film

One-way window films are perfect for enclosed venues. They are an excellent way to make your audience feel like they’re in an exclusive and high-end event. If you’d like some privacy at the event, one-way window films can do the trick nicely.

With grand, colourful posters on the outside, one-way window films stylishly veil indoor activities at the corporate event. The moment your audience sets their glance on these window films, they’ll know the event is certainly not for the ordinary! It will make them feel incredibly special.

The best thing about this décor is that it can be personalized with any kind of printed media. Since they’re more appropriate for daytime privacy, you have the luxury to get your company’s logo, mission statement, or a witty welcome tagline as a poster.

One-way window films help maintain privacy while entrancing your guests with tech-savvy, eye-catching, and colourful graphics. Above all, their ultra-modern vibes can speak volumes about what the real event is going to be like!

· Fancy Gazebo Marquees

Next up are gazebo marquees that offer a creative and modest space to let your brand shine. Brand visibility is crucial for growing businesses. The biggest mistake many event planners make is not planning for brand visibility. They might just place a logo here and there, assuming the audience will remember 

the message. However, brand visibility is far more profound than that. It needs an intelligent logo and product placements for the audience to readily access and remember. And, the fancy gazebo marquees do precisely that.

These can be printed with a canopy of colours and letters that identify with your brand. Your guests will recognize your brand through its colours. Whether it’s an image, logo, or text, make sure the content pulls attention.

Not only are gazebo marquees perfect for extra exposure, but they are also quite affordable. Although they’re more appropriate for business fairs and exhibitions, they are ideal for a corporate entrance too. The little shed will pique your guests’ interest and impel them to walk towards it and explore what the brand is all about. You can also improvise with the space, using a few test products for your guests to try!

· Backlit Posters

Backlit posters are one of the most creative corporate event ideas. While event poster ideas are typically used for attention, backlit posters take it up a notch with the stunning glow. These are designed using a 

framed lightbox and then are taken over to a special semi-transparent media. These posters are known for their dramatic brightness making them, perfect for brand exposure.

You can place a few of these near the entrance to make a statement in front of your guests. Since these stunning posters glow all the way, they can help illuminate your logo, motto, or mission statement. They’re also perfect for instantly drawing attention to a new product, service, or partnership.

If you have esteemed guests or celebrities coming to the event, you can use these posters to inform your guests about their arrival. Above all, if your company has recently joined hands with a charity campaign, you can exhibit the initiative through back-lit posters. All in all, this is a stylish and edgy way to let your guests know that you are to be taken seriously. Available for next-day delivery in Australia, you can get them here!

· Dress Up with Fabric Mesh Banners 


Add an extra oomph to the entrance with fence banners. They’re attractive, colourful, and perfect for sealing any unsightly borders or fences that you don’t want your guests to see. These banners let you turn every nook and corner of the entrance into a promotional tool.   

The fabric is made using durable, fire-resistant materials, which make them a safe option. They’re largely appropriate for putting up ads or advertising a campaign. These banners allow you to get creative with fun taglines and witty messages.

You can also get your logo printed over them. The banners will offer an interesting pathway for your guests as they stride towards the main hall.

Use all these creative and innovative ways to welcome your audience. Whether you’re using wall graphics, posters, or banners, each of these will certainly get your guests talking!

2. Setting Up a Pleasant Indoor Ambiance

With a grand entrance, your event needs an indoor setting that’s just as enthralling. If you place too much focus on the entrance, your guests will lose interest very quickly. The indoor ambiance is the place where you need to use eye-grabbing décor and attractions.

Your audience should feel like they’ve been transported from the outside world into your event. The place should look and smell nice.

 So, what do you do for a successful transition into the event? Here are 4 fantastic ways to keep your guests on their toes!  

· Customized Table throws

If the event has proper seats and tables, dress up the furniture with glamorous table throws. They can be printed with your logo, symbol, or an iconic image that represents your brand. When your guests proceed to their seats, they should know exactly why they are here – to celebrate your brand.

You can use these table throws for snack tables or promotional corners at the event. If you want people to explore a recently-launched product or technology, you can use these table throws to draw attention. Designed with water-based inks, the fabric of these table throws is glossy and beautiful.

They will elegantly drape around each table printed with your company logo or colourful branded graphics. Table throws with iconic branding can distinguish you from the crowd. They’re fully customizable, affordable, and easy to store. You can always use them for the next event, trade fair, or exhibition. You can market your brand at a great price to let your guests know that you mean business.

Get your web address, business name, or contact details printed on them so that prospective clients can get in touch with you easily. With your details on each table, there is a higher chance of your customers, sponsors, and distinguished guests remembering and contacting you.

· Indoor Posters

Your event needs buzz-worthy posters that instantly turn heads. Once you’ve decided where you need the event signage, you can use them to make a meaningful impact. Every single poster is a touch point with your guests, which means each time they get a chance to look at it, your brand gets an opportunity to impress them.

Indoor posters are a wonderful way to increase attendees and ensure that they come to the next event as well. These can be used both indoors and outdoors with colourful designs that will instantly wow the crowd.

You can get them over the walls and the tables. Get these posters to hang from the staircase for a glamorous performance. With posters, you can be as creative and audacious as you like. If your event is being hosted in a small space, posters can use it creatively and stylishly.

However, location is key. Make a list of all the important spots at the venue and place your logo posters there. Every time your guests encounter the big, colourful display, your message will be reinforced in their heads.  

· Tell a Story with Aesthetic Wall Murals

Aesthetic wall murals are a sure-fire way to get your brand message to resonate with your audience. They have recently become all the rage for corporate settings. Digitally printed, tech-savvy, and extravagantly colourful, wall murals can have a powerful visual impact on your guests.

They are perfect for corporate interiors as they exude a sophisticated, professional, and artistic vibe. You can get a motivating message, famous quotes, or a marketing tagline printed on them. With each image printed on tile panels, these murals beautifully come together for seamless, artistic décor for your event.

If your brand has a heart-tugging, moving story to tell, using wall murals can effectively get the message across. By using different art forms like colour, text, numbers, and symbols, a wall mural elegantly ties together a story that is worth telling.

If you’re looking for creative corporate event ideas, make sure wall murals are first on the list. These two-dimensional vibrant décor can make efficient use of the venue space. They don’t need wires and they don’t tend to block natural lighting or electrical outlets. Furthermore, they don’t disturb the foot traffic or disrupt Wi-Fi signals.

· Colourful Bollards

Another great way to cover unwanted bollards at the entrance is by using colourful bollard signs. They are perfect for advertising your event while concealing any unsightly objects. Bollard signs are digitally printed in a way that all three sides can be covered with appealing text or images.

You don’t even have to worry about the weather tumbling them as they’re water-proof, stable, and firm.  Bollard signs can be creatively used to showcase the different activities and events that will take place at the venue. They will give your guests something to anticipate as they make their way across the entrance.

Bollards are like barriers that serve as an entry chute to guide your guests towards the main hall. You can also use them as check-points or place directions on them. If you have any special sponsors supporting you for the night, use the bollard signs to celebrate their participation.

3. Use a Lightbox for a Strong Corporate Presence

A lightbox can instantly help a brand establish itself. It’s eco-friendly, energy-efficient and perfect for brand visibility. The good thing about them is that they convey your message without taking up much space. If you want to increase brand awareness in a simple and fun way, getting a few lightboxes at the event will do the trick.

A lightbox has many benefits. It helps you mark your place in a crowd. If you’re participating in a fair or exhibition, an illuminated lightbox will instantly establish your physical presence. For your corporate event, it will continue to strengthen your brand image and make you look professional.

Since a lightbox is visible from both sides, they will always be displaying something worthy about your company. No matter where the guests are entering the venue from, with a few lightboxes placed in strategic places, they will instantly notice your brand. 

Lightboxes will illuminate your company logo, message, or contact details. With the strong visual impact of a lightbox, your prospects will be more likely to remember your details. Make the best of your iconic logo by getting it printed on a lightbox.

It will serve as a prominent landmark at the venue, reinforcing the purpose of the event. The best part about a lightbox is that it provides constant and consistent advertising without annoying your audience.

4. Making the Most of Banners

Your corporate event can never make do without banners. Banners are that one promotional tool that is budget-friendly and striking. They give you the opportunity to create a buzz amongst the guests and attract event attendees to your booth.

Banners are incredibly versatile and can be repurposed for a future corporate event. Here are some fantastic conference banner designs to consider!

· Luxury Pull-up Banners

If you’re looking for pull up banners in Sydney for your event, you can easily find them at an event management store. The biggest benefit of these luxurious banners is that they’re extremely durable and stand the test of time.

Your corporate event is going to have a big budget, and it always helps when you can re-use promotional tools and décor. These banners can be easily set up vertically, making them easy to read and understand.

They are large and spacious enough to incorporate your contact details, products, and customer solutions printed on them. Roll-up banners are elegant and ideal for an indoor event. They don’t obstruct space or get caught in wires and they stylishly advertise your brand.

All you have to do is pull them out of the rolling system and they’re ready for display. Their grand size and visibility make them ideal for marketing special services as well as making reminders and announcements.

· Mobile Advertising with Double-sided pull-up banners

You can also opt for double-sided pull-up banners for your event. These have a spring-mounted rolling system, which means even if you don’t have assistance, you can prep them up yourself.

Pull up banners are portable, which means you can even move them around during the event. If you want a certain board sign or directional message to be shifted into the main hall, you can easily carry the banners to a desired spot.

Pull-up banners are unique and fashionable, immediately informing your audience that you’re up-to-date with modern promotional styles. They can help you achieve your marketing goals with just about any kind of messages, pictures, and symbols.

They take only a few seconds to pop up and illuminate with a beautiful display of your brand. You can get posters, product features, and mission statements printed on the banners. Since they’re made with PVC, the material is lightweight, weatherproof, and can be customized to your style.  

· Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are a highly effective marketing technique to get your brand message across the audience. They are large, imposing, and colourful. If you’re introducing a new brand, product, or service, get it right up on the vinyl banner at the event.

Vinyl banners are flashy, eye-catching, and entice your guests to find out more about your brand. If you want to keep your audience on edge, use these brightly-coloured signs to ask them a daring question like “What do you think is the biggest secret to a business man’s success?”

With such a tricky but crucial question up on the banner, the guests will want to find out the answer immediately. Follow the question up with an action, “Join us to find out!” Using persuasive statements like these can help you make great use of the vinyl banners.

You can make the most of these banners by putting up discounts, promotional offers, or a lucky draw that you might be hosting at the corporate event.  All the special things about your event can be printed over these banners to make the event even more electrifying!

5. Celebrate Diversity with Event Flags

Flags typically represent a country, town, or city. They are treated as national symbols that embody the values of a nation. Flags are noble, prestigious, and allow your audience to associate professionalism and utmost commitment with your brand image.

Whether you want a large flag to make a statement or small flamboyant ones, there are many options available. Here’s a list of the best quality flags in Australia you should put up at your event!

· Feather flags


Feather flags are small yet powerful. When you place them around the venue, they can give your guests a good idea of what’s happening. If your event is divided into different segments, you can use these flags to brief your guests about the schedule for each one.

Using flags for your corporate event is a great add-on for brand recognition and visibility. Since they come in different colours, shapes, and sizes, they offer an easy way to add a pop of colour to your corporate event.

·  Teardrop flags

Teardrop flags are uniquely shaped, fashion-forward, and sophisticated. They are perfect for creating a premium and cosmopolitan atmosphere at the event. If you have clients or guests joining you from different countries, you can use these flags to honour their arrival. The gesture may be small, but it will definitely resonate with your guests!

·  Bowhead flags

Bowhead flags have a sharp edge and long, elegant shape, which makes them perfect for directional messages, friendly company messages, or a welcome sign. They are perfect for outdoor corporate events as the shape helps them withstand tough winds.

You can get them printed with signs, symbols, and interesting questions to direct your guests as they walk through the venue. Flags are versatile, self-advertising, and a great way to win people’s attention. Since they come in different sizes, you can place them in a row and get interesting questions, business information, or company details printed on them. This will make it easy for your guests to read and appreciate the brand message.

6. Use the Space Creatively with Window Graphics

 Customized window graphics are innovative and create an instant buzz at your event. They skillfully take up window space and look extremely aesthetic as a background. When it comes to creative corporate event ideas, window graphics can effectively enhance your brand reputation.

They are perfect for an indoor event and let your brand shine on the high street. Not only will they enchant your esteemed guests, but they will also compel the passers-by to check out what the buzz is all about. If you’re a growing business, window graphics with inviting messages and attractive offers can instantly draw in foot traffic.

The great thing about window graphics is that they can be used to communicate a billion messages without exhausting your resources. Instead of putting up multiple signboards, you can use imposing and beautiful window graphics to make a loud statement.

7. Step up Your Game with Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a fairly new concept, but one that’s slowly becoming a crowd-pleaser. If you want to spice up your corporate event with some colour and bling, use floor graphics to get the job done. Floor graphics are a wonderful tool to guide the guests.

By using floor stickers and art, you can guide your guests to different locations and segments of the venue. It might seem like a child-based task, but your guests are going to love it because it’s engaging and entertaining.

The best part is that floor graphics will take people exactly where they need to be. In addition to using maps and brochures, you can make reasonable use of floor graphics to add value to the guests’ experience. Not many companies have begun to invest in this yet, which makes it perfect for your corporate event. 

With these artistic graphics printed on the floor, you can stand out with style and finesse. People are already used to posters and banners. If you want a real attention-stealer, it’s time to invest in a few floor graphics for your business and allow your brand to make a powerful statement.

The moment your guests lay eyes on a brightly-coloured, flashy sign on the floor, they will begin to take notice of what the floor graphics are depicting. By allowing you to make creative use of the floor space, make sure to get the most important messages down there! Click here for durable floor graphics delivery in Australia!

8. Create an Immersive Experience with Selfie Frames

Give your event a buzz-worthy, interactive, and fun boost to your corporate event with Selfie frames. If you’re looking for cost-effective entertainment ideas for a corporate event in Australia, then this is it. Selfie frames are easy and fun to organize without the overwhelming costs.

They are ideal for a small corporate event or a small, personal corner just for the company staff. After a tough, exhausting day, you can invite people to enjoy at the selfie corner. You can get customized templates with your company’s colour scheme, logo, or name, and use them for recreational activity at the event!

That sums up the best corporate event planning tips. But before investing in any promotional tools, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. Below is a list to help guide your corporate event planning.  

5. Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hosting a Corporate Event

1. What Is Your End Goal?

This is the most important question – what are you trying to achieve from the event? What kind of thoughts and opinions do you want your guests to walk out with at the end of the night? If brand recognition is the purpose, then you need popular sponsors and good media coverage.

If you want to sell more and generate revenues, you can use your event for discounts and promotional offers. Additionally, this will also be an opportunity to explain to your prospects how you can add value to their businesses.

2. Who Is Your Audience?

Your audience will never be the same for every corporate event. On some events, you might invite famous entrepreneurs and businesspersons to make your brand visible and that will occupy most of your focus. On other events, you might want to generate leads and interact with real customers.

3. What Is Your Budget?

Carrying out a budget audit is crucial for a successful corporate event. You don’t want to exhaust your resources after an extravagant corporate night. Instead, you should look for multi-purpose and cost-effective promotional tools that make an impact and can be re-used for the future as well.

4. Do You Have the Right Brand Ambassadors?

Having the right spokespersons and ambassadors for your event is indispensable. They will be representing your brand and giving it a voice. Make sure to train your staff well for this daunting but exciting task.

5. How Will Your Event Set You Apart From Your Rivals?

Lastly, be mindful of not turning into a crowd-pleaser and booking the next trendy promotional tool you find. Keep things simple yet classy. Go through the list above and pick the most appropriate décor and tools that will allow your business to shine.  

A Final Word

The corporate event planning process in Australia may seem daunting but with the tips above, you can pull off a great event. Make sure to answer the questions above before you start planning and investing in the event. Check out VividAds for fantastic promotional banners, posters, and state-of-the-art floor graphics for your business event!