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40 marketing strategies for your new salon to stands out in the street of Australia

Looking for new ways to promote your salon in Australia? Here are some suggestions to get you started. That being the case, you've arrived at the ideal location. Here, you'll find the most up-to-date and effective salon marketing strategies from me. Our marketing seminars instruct salon owners on many of these techniques. Now that you have a list of what needs to be done, you can begin attracting new clients and growing your company.

I've had the pleasure of meeting several talented hairstylists, nail techs, and barbers. In the future, they have the potential to be one of the best in the business. The problem, though, is that they're still struggling to attract the right customers and keep their salon afloat.

This is unacceptable. Believe that a profitable salon business is possible and should thrive. Even if we provide exceptional service, we must go above and beyond. Your salon has to be known to the general public as well as to your clients. If your service isn't a cheap commodity, it has to be recognized as something worth paying for.

Now, I’d want you to unleash your marketing savvy. You may use this collection of proven salon marketing strategies, ideas, and examples to help you grow your business. A long one at that. Salon marketing ideas in Australia that are quick and simple to put into action are included below. You'll have to put in a bit more work to use other salon marketing strategies. As a salon owner, we don’t expect you to immediately implement all of your salon marketing ideas. Decide on one right now, put it into action, and then come back for more hairstyles and techniques later on.

Marketing strategies for salons

Let's look at some of the bigger salon marketing strategies before diving into the quick tips and marketing ideas. Because the correct foundations are the first step in every endeavor.

1. Increase the number of people who see your salon's website when they do a google search.

What do you get when you type "salon near me" into a search engine? Is this the most important question you can ask yourself? If you don't show up when people search for your kind of salon in your area, you're effectively non-existent to them. So, before implementing any additional salon marketing strategies, make certain that you have laid the groundwork to make your business accessible to those who are in the market for your services. Your salon may appear at the top of local search results by following a few basic approaches and strategies that can be used right now.

To help your business succeed, we've devised a step-by-step strategy using eye-catching posters. This work may be completed in a matter of minutes. New consumers will locate your salon without your knowledge after the process is complete.

2. Make or upgrade the website for your salon.

Your salon's website is generally the first impression a potential client has of your business. If you work in the beauty industry, you know how important it is to make a good impression. The public has little faith in salons with shoddy or out-of-date online presences. Keep your website updated as a salon owner to attract new clients. A good website, on the other hand, is more than just a first impression.

It's the doorway to your salon's online presence. As a salon receptionist, you want someone who attracts new clients, organizes appointments, and upsells services to keep your business afloat. Website development might be assisted by a marketing business. Website builders for salons have become easier to use in recent years. In addition, it is possible to create a website that is both professional and easy to use. Even in-salon marketing education program, we have a special module where we go into great depth about every aspect of creating a stunning website at the lowest possible cost.

3. Allow customers to arrange salon appointments online.

Were you aware that 35 percent of customers prefer to book appointments online? 25% of people under the age of 35 say they only use the internet to make appointments. Salons spend a lot of time each week scheduling appointments, and many of them do it manually. The moment has come to make a change if this is how you feel. Many parts of your business will need to be handled by salon software that can manage online bookings. Use different pullup banners for attracting people to your websites and your shop in Australia for example, premium pull-up banners by vivid One of the best ways to keep your salon's growth on track is to allow customers to schedule appointments online. Consider including an online booking option on your website and social media channels if you already have one. Several free and effective tools are available right now if you don't have one (or think you do).

Fresh is the only appointment scheduling software for salons that do not need a monthly or annual membership. However, it still offers a lot of useful functionality and is excellent for individuals or small salons on a limited budget.

4. You should start an email marketing campaign for your salon and send out a salon newsletter.

If you own a salon, you're in the business of building relationships. On the other hand, how are you going to maintain close ties with all of your customers? The answer lies in a salon email newsletter. The emergence of social media has led some to feel that email is an antiquated marketing tactic that is no longer effective. That is not the case, though. Not. Email is the best way to build trust, build connections, and sell products. Period. However, if you don't execute it right, your efforts will be in vain. In our marketing workshops for salon owners, we teach salon owners how to effectively use email marketing. Here's how you get started with constant contact's first email campaign.

5. Preparing your salon to thrive on social-media

The inclusion of social networking as a salon marketing strategy should come as no surprise. However, social networking might be a waste of time if you don't get any new consumers. If you want your salon's social media to be successful, you need to create a plan and stick to it continuously. As part of our salon marketing program, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your social media strategy with me and other salon owners in similar circumstances.

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6. The salon's branding is uniform

Everything is connected in some way. Accept it or not. When it comes to branding, it's not just about the look and feel of your salon's logo or design. Everything you do is a reflection of who you are, so consider that. You are the face of your salons. This is why you need to establish your salon's own story. It's all yours. This has a considerable effect. Because of your brand, you may be able to charge more for services. With it, others can see how distinctive and valuable you are to the team. Having a well-known brand helps to spread the word. You'll have something to talk about when your name is mentioned in the news. Effective marketing techniques may be achieved using this method. When it comes time to design your salon's logo and brand image, you will also learn how to do it on your own using canvas. Our top salon marketing strategies are discussed in the video below. Marketing strategies for salons. You may attract new clients with clever salon advertising.

7. Get new consumers by using Facebook advertising.

Please let me know if your salon has a Facebook page. When it comes to Facebook advertising, you're sure to have tried it out. The Facebook posts of salon owners are often enhanced to maximize their visibility, I’ve heard. Nevertheless, it's not the same as running paid advertisements on Facebook.

The only results you'll get from paid Facebook advertising are more likes, comments, and the occasional new client booking. Our point is that I’m referring to an unusual scenario. If you, do it right, Facebook advertising may be one of the cheapest, fastest, and most successful ways to acquire new clients. Facebook ads might be difficult to understand. However, it doesn't have to be that way.

8. Make use of google ads to draw in customers who are seeking salons in your area.

In our first salon marketing tip, we discussed the importance of having your salon show up in local searches. New salons are discovered using this strategy. Because of this, if you're located near other salons, you'll have a hard time being noticed. Sponsored links appear in the first few results pages of a google search. However good your salon website is at SEO; you will not be at the top of the search results. This is why paid search campaigns are so crucial. When building your search campaign, be as specific as possible. Ads should only be shown to those who are likely to book a room with you since you only get paid if someone clicks on the link.

Limit the audience of your advertisement to those who live within walking distance of your salon, for example. In addition, you may select the search phrases that must be used.

 Any of the services you provide at your salon might be included here. Make it easier for them to decide whether or not to book with you when they click (and pay) by being more specific. Because of this, Google has an excellent advertising strategy. You can learn more about using google to market your salon by reading their guide to getting started with Google AdWords.

9. Hire a salon influencer to help you grow your business.

In recent years, influencer marketing has become more popular. There has been an increase in the usage of influencers by large and small companies alike to help spread the word about their goods. As a result, more traditional forms of advertising are being phased out. Because it works. One of the most effective marketing methods for salons and beauticians who can show concrete results is the use of testimonials on their websites. It will take days for your phone to ring when the right influencer posts a picture of new hair color from your salon. Influencers in the beauty industry are acutely aware of the significance of their position. Inviting a famous person to your salon might be expensive as well. Local micro-influencers are the best marketing strategy for salons. Individuals in the area have a following of between 3,000 and 30,000. You may do this by working with them and providing them with a financial reward for promoting your business. The fact that they're already a client means that they'll be trustworthy and relevant to your salon's brand. You can use vivid promotional counters on which paste influencers’ pictures that are well-known in public Your salon would be mentioned if it were possible. Be creative with your salon promotions to attract new clients and keep your existing ones coming back for more.

10. Selling more during seasonal events

To keep your salon's marketing current, you could consider holding seasonal events. The best part about them is that they're easy to put up and may help you highlight your numerous service offerings at the right time of year. The holidays are a great time to promote your styling or make-up services or your men's products brand.

Not to be missed are the following seasonal events:

  • Selling out-of-stock items at a discount while maintaining your normal price is easy during the black Friday and Cyber Monday sales seasons. As a last resort, attempt to get a discount on the supplies you need for your campaign by negotiating with your supplier.
  • If you'd want to run a promotion or accelerated service ahead of the holidays, November and December are good months for doing so.
  • A wonderful way to promote your gift cards for Mother’s Day is by treating the moms in your life to a relaxing spa day.
  • As with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day gift cards are a great option (if you offer services for men). Your male retail stuff may likewise be put to use here.
  • Valentine's day: gift cards or a nice assortment of retail goods are usually an excellent option.
  • The easter weekend.
  • Halloween
  • Salon black Friday specials

Consider using local festivals and other events in the area where your salon is situated to further enhance the relevancy of the service you are offering. For example, a spa salon may offer marathon runners foot massages during the local marathon weekend.

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11. To boost sales, provide "express" services as an optional add-on.

So even when your salon is fully booked, you're still losing money? Once you've developed a regular clientele, your goal should be to get them to spend more money throughout their appointments. Making use of express options on your menu is a great method to do this. There is little to no more work required from you to execute these additional services. Perhaps the services can be added to an already booked appointment. Assuming that the cost of the goods you need to use is low enough, just adding the service to an appointment boosts your profit. Consider a care treatment while your client is in the backwash as an example of an add-on service if you operate a salon.

Here are a few ideas to get you started, but I’m sure there are many more.

  1. An example of an add-on service offered by a salon
  2. Take advantage of our blow-dry service by adding on a $15 volumizing treatment to your hair.
  3. It is possible to add hair color glossing for an additional $30 to any color procedure.
  4. For an additional $15, upgrade your shampooing experience to include a scalp peeling treatment.
  5. Add an anti-aging hand mask ($10) to your manicure for an additional ten dollars.
  6. It costs $25 for a full-service nose wax.
  7. Your manicure will be elevated if you add nail art ($10-40).

Use banners inside the salon with express services by vivid, vinyl banners are best for this:

In terms of cross-selling, McDonald’s is one of the world's greatest companies. Have you ever gone to a restaurant to get a sandwich and ended up with a whole meal? A beauty salon is not the same as McDonald’s, although the principle is similar. Cross-selling and quicker services for each customer may significantly increase your salon's revenue if you are successful regularly.

What do you think?

To make a profit of $20'000 a year, you just need to add $15 to each visit on average.

12. Informing your customers of the products you use.

Selling salon retail items is something you or your workers are very good at. According to salon proprietors, I’ve met, this is a question that should be avoided. Even if they know how lucrative it may be. As a rule, the profit margin on salon retail products is about 50%, and selling them doesn't need any more effort from your staff. Therefore, retail sales are an important element of the operations of any salon. Many salons and nail technicians avoid "selling" because they don't like it. However, clients put a high value on receiving recommendations for products to take home as part of their salon experience. A clear incompatibility exists as a consequence. Salon loses money because of a relationship. Starting today, even if your salon staff isn't familiar with selling, you may begin educating your personnel to (at the absolute least) inform their clients what product they're using throughout the salon service.

Advice from a hairdresser on product use

  • Doing this will considerably increase the possibility that customers will purchase and take the goods home with them when they leave the store.

13. Keeping salon customers loyal

Gaining new customers is a need. But the majority of your salon's income should come from your long-term, repeat customers who are already familiar with your services. Customers are more costly to acquire than they are to retain. In return for their continued loyalty, though, what actions are you doing today to show gratitude to those individuals? You may save a lot of time and money by offering your salon customers an excellent reason to stay with you. It's a snap to manage your salon's loyalty program with the right software.

14. With a referral program, you may be able to get new customers for your salon

Customers that have been referred by another salon customer are the best new customers you can get. People who are introduced to a new salon by a friend are more likely to become repeat clients. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most common method salons use to get new consumers. How about paying your current customers for spreading the word about you to their family and friends instead of randomly contacting them? To set up a simple referral program, salon referral cards may be used. However, we advise that you employ software to aid you to refer a friend plan to make management of the program simpler. You can learn more about techniques that encourage client recommendations in our examination of the best salon software.

15. Sample your products for your customers

Be sure to ask the salesperson for product samples the next time you meet. Sachets or smaller products are acceptable here. These are great to provide to your customers so that they may taste the product before they buy it from you the next time they come. However, there is a word of warning. Do not provide product samples until your consumer has decided on what she will be purchasing. Instead of buying from you the next time around, she may choose to wait and try the samples first before deciding if she wants to buy them outright.

Promotional ideas for beauty salons

  • If you've got the right marketing tactics, advertising, and promotional strategies in place, we'll go over some more salon marketing ideas to help you grow your business.
  • All of these ideas are easy and maybe implemented immediately.

16. Customers should be rebooked during their salon visit.

Please let me know when your next appointment is scheduled. However, this is a simple question that has a direct impact on your salon's bottom line, but we often neglect it. If you constantly rebook your clients for their next appointment during their appointment, you'll increase their frequency of visits and decrease the likelihood that they'll book with someone else the following time. Encourage your staff and receptionists to follow up with clients who missed their initial appointment by reminding them that they must be re-booked, and do so often so that it is never forgotten. If your salon software is up to par, you should be able to program it to send out a reminder to book after the session or a few weeks later, when it's time to plan another appointment. We can provide you with two free choices that will do this. For individuals or small salons on a minimal budget, fresh is the only salon software and appointment scheduling software on the market that does not need a membership.

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17- make a video tour of your salon for social media and your website.

If you agree with me, strong client relationships are essential to the success of your business. Your customers know and trust you, and, if they're lucky, like you, too. This bond of mutual trust is essential to the success of a salon. If you haven't met your potential consumers, how can they have faith in you if you've just advertised on social media? Visitors to your salon's website must be converted into paying customers via the development of trust and an emotional connection. And video is the most effective approach. A video featuring you, your salon, and your personnel is a powerful marketing tool for your salon. No need for a big production, but it should be real, telling the story of your salon while introducing those who work there as if they were new customers. Instead of spending money on video production and editing, have a colleague or friend use an updated smartphone to help you shoot and edit your video.

YouTube and your salon's website should be linked to the video. If implemented correctly, this might have a significant impact on the number of visitors who become customers. Create a text message campaign for your salon business. Willingness to pay attention is the first step in achieving your marketing goals. SMS is a great way to communicate with your customers. In comparison to email marketing (20 percent) and social media (even lower), SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate, according to Gartner’s study. It is, on the other hand, more intrusive, and users are less able to opt-out of receiving SMS messages since they display right on the home screen of their phones. As a result, it is crucial that your salon only employ SMS marketing when it has critical messages you want your clients to see.

Using the free square appointments platform, you can have your clients reply to your SMS messages to confirm appointments and other activities. A single click activates the square assistant, which does this automatically. Square enables you to monitor and respond to text messages from your customers. Simply replying to the SMS that is instantly sent out from your salon if you have a square assistant set on will allow customers to change their appointment time. An SMS is sent by the square assistant to alter an appointment. These are amazing tools that enable your salon to provide excellent automated customer service to its patrons. For individuals or small salons on a minimal budget, fresh is the only salon software and appointment scheduling software on the market that does not need a membership.

19. Use Instagram stories to advertise salon specials.

Are you using Instagram stories as part of your salon's social media strategy? This is a great place to conduct a limited-time offer, and the same is true for Snapchat. You may be able to swiftly sell your salon specials since they are "live" and only exist for a short period, making the viewer feel pushed to take action. An offer of gift cards on your website will be much more beneficial. This is something that the majority of salon software systems would agree on. This is the second time you've used the first salon marketing strategy, which taught you how to register your salon with google our business. In our opinion, this is critical since many consumers find your salon via a google search and the traffic is free. You may have discovered this page by doing a google search, right?

You will, however, have to put out a bit more work for your salon's website to appear towards the top of the search results. For individuals who are looking for your product or service to see your website, you must ensure that Google knows what you're giving to them.

The most straightforward approach to doing this is to employ keywords that describe the services and products you provide on your website. In an ideal world, you would create a separate page for each of your primary services. It isn't necessary to be complicated. Simply ensure that the page's title corresponds to the name of your service and then describe the service you provide on the page. Customer discovery will be increased as a result of this, as clients will be more likely to come across your salon while looking for someone who can offer the service you do. As part of my salon marketing package, you'll get access to my method for getting your salon noticed on the internet. In addition, having a search engine optimized salon website will bring you knew consumers for years to come at no further cost to you other than the time you spend creating the pages themselves.

21. Make your salon's Instagram account more relevant to the community by using the appropriate hashtags.

The Internet is a vast and untapped resource. Really. To compete with the millions of salons that exist all over the world is quite challenging, to say the least. Moreover, unless you have a popular Instagram account like @guy tang, your voice will be drowned out by the avalanche of hairstylists and nail techs that post daily. The good news is that you do not need to contact everyone on the earth to be successful. It is adequate to concentrate your marketing efforts on your city since your possible new customers are most likely to reside there.

Isn't it self-evident that it is? Despite this, I feel that many salons are missing out on this lucrative possibility. As a result, I wanted to share with you a quick strategy that you can do this week to help make your posts more accessible to people in your community. Do you use hashtags in your tweets today? If so, what are they? Without the usage of hashtags daily, you are missing out on a tremendous amount of potential. When seeking salons in their neighborhood, potential new consumers check for hashtags that are specific to the area. Consequently, you'll want to make certain that you're easily visible when they come. For salons looking to attract more new clients, I've published a full lesson on how to use hashtags effectively. Make a list of best hashtags by using vivid flags like the teardrop flag: You'll also receive a comprehensive list of salon hashtags that you can use right away in your social media posts.

22. When posting on social media, always provide a link to your salon's website as a resource.

Do you remember the reason behind your salon's Instagram presence? In the right hands, Instagram has the potential to be one of the most successful marketing tools for your salon. In contrast to this, it is easy to end up spending a significant amount of time on Instagram without producing any new money.

In conclusion, this is one of the reasons why your salon should use social media. In your salon's Instagram profile, make sure you have a link that directs people back to your online salon booking system. This is something you can do right now that is quite straightforward. People that follow you will be able to book directly with you as a result of your social media presence. A maximum of one external link is permitted in your Instagram biography. As a result, you want to take advantage of this unique chance.

23. When publishing on social media, utilize dynamic language to engage your audience.

To build interaction and followers on your salon's social media pages, you must encourage consumers to take action. Even if it's fantastic to have beautiful photos and wording, you also want them to take action (here you can access some awesome hair quotes, nail quotes, hairstylist quotes, and relaxing spa quotes for Instagram that you can use on your Instagram). Request if you want someone to do something for you. Please consider tagging a friend, answering a question, or even visiting your website. If you use active language on your account, you'll get greater contact from other users. Furthermore, the social media platform will reward you by pushing more of your posts to a larger audience as a result of your efforts. This suggests that more individuals will be exposed to your social media channel, and at the same time, more people will participate in the activities you like to promote (maybe even book with you).

24. Designate a space in your salon that is "Instagram able."

You may achieve a great deal by using the ideal salon Instagram hashtags and descriptions, but the quality of the snapshot you publish is always the most important factor to consider. It is important to make sure that you have a good location to take outstanding photos so that you may not only improve the quality of your photographs but also utilize it as a fun selfie station for your clients, which is terrific salon advertising. Decide on a clean location in your salon, one that will allow you and your clients to take stunning before and after images together. To portray the result in the best light possible, we ensure that you have enough lighting. If you don't already have one, I recommend that you get one to use in conjunction with this. Check out my list of recommended salon equipment to discover which ones I recommend for your salon. When consumers post pictures of themselves at your salon, be sure to include a link to your salon's Instagram account.

25. Ask your salon consumers to submit feedback on their experience.

As a result of the Internet, people are now more likely to research salons before making an appointment. To ensure that your salon receives a sufficient number of positive Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews, Client testimonials not only reassure prospective consumers that your salon is reputable, but they also help your salon rank better on search engines like Google. To prevent this from happening, you should always ask your consumers to provide feedback after each service. Also, be forthright and truthful. Identify a satisfied client and convince her that submitting a positive review would be very advantageous to your business. In most cases, she will want to help you and will publish a nice review on your behalf. You may even automate this process using your salon software so that an email or SMS is sent out immediately after the appointment.

Obtaining email addresses is an excellent method of acquiring new salon customers.

Email marketing is the most effective method of staying in touch with consumers between appointments. Email marketing, on the other hand, should not be restricted to existing clients. In addition to collecting email addresses from folks who aren't now customers, collecting emails from those who aren't currently customers is useful since you can use your salon's newsletter to build trust with them and ultimately convert them into new customers. Detailed instructions on how to achieve this are provided in my salon email marketing lesson. It is possible, however, to gather emails from persons who are not now your clients using one of two simple approaches.

  • Check to see whether your salon's website has an "email opt-in" feature.
  • Constant Contact is a service that I recommend for collecting and sending emails.
  • As seen in the example below, they provide a range of opt-in options that you may include on your salon's website.
  • Run a Facebook ad to collect emails: If you don't have many visits to your website or just need more new clients, you may want to consider running a Facebook ad targeting the appropriate persons in your area to collect emails.
  • Constant Contact is one of the few email service providers that have direct integration with Facebook, enabling you to obtain fresh consumer leads without the need for technical skills.
  • Keep gift cards readily accessible at all times.
  • Gift cards are a great way to generate additional money throughout the holiday season, and they may be marketed as part of your overall seasonal marketing strategy.
  • Gift cards, in addition, are a valuable tool for acquiring new consumers since they operate in a similar way as salon referral cards in terms of functionality.
  • This may be accomplished with the assistance of your salon software.

28. Make your salon more visible on the street by putting up signs.

One of the most self-evident salon advertising ideas on the list, this is certainly the most obvious. However, even though we are all passionate about utilizing Instagram to advertise our salon, we should not neglect the importance of adopting a more traditional marketing plan. The vast majority of people who walk by your salon either live or work in the area, making them excellent client prospects for you. Make the most of your advertising space in your salon window, which you are currently paying for in reality. You should make it your responsibility to ensure that everyone in your neighborhood is aware of your salon's existence. In this case, you may use several different tactics, including Playing music outside your salon, making sure your window and street sign are well-lit, and making use of any sidewalks that may be available. You should do anything you can to generate interest in your salon (while yet being loyal to your brand's identity). When people pass by your salon, they are usually busy and preoccupied with other concerns, so make your salon stand out from the crowd. Use signage by vivid which is best to make your salon more visible on the street like core flute signs:

29. Make your salon's personnel the finest possible representatives

Your salon staff, like your salon window, serves as advertising space for which you have already paid a premium. Employees are, in fact, the costliest component of running a hair salon business. Because of this, you should maximize the return on your investment. Your employees should serve as your best representatives. Everything they do, from their appearance to their demeanor, represents the image of your salon and its products. If you haven't previously done so, take the time to define how you would want them to promote your salon. You should make a note of it. Aside from that, they must be trained. Make sure that the biographies of each of your hairstylists are included on the salon website. This tutorial will show you how to create a fantastic salon and stylist bio for your website. Expecting them to find things out on their own is unrealistic. A motivated crew that knows the expectations placed on them may have a significant influence on how customers perceive your salon. Additional suggestions on how to motivate and get the most out of your staff may be found in my piece on the most effective strategies to inspire salon professionals. Read it for more information. Invitation to a local newspaper reporter to visit your salon is number thirty.

30. What makes your salon stand out from the competition?

Perhaps you can tell me about how your salon came to be, or why you provide a service that no one else does. Alternatively, maybe you're an authority on a certain element of the beauty industry? Whatever your story is, your salon is losing out on a fantastic PR opportunity because of it. Organize your unique tale into a list and go out to local newspapers and magazines to have them produce an article about your story. Local newspapers are interested in local news. If there is one in your town with relevance, there is a good chance they will include you and your salon in their list of participants. If this venture is successful, it has the potential to have a major impact on your salon's bottom line.

31. Motivate your staff by holding salon competitions

There are several methods by which you may motivate salon personnel. In general, you should give the utmost importance to intrinsic motivation above all other factors. Financial incentives, on the other hand, have a legitimate role in the workplace. Your salon software may let you set up commissions on certain goods and services to encourage individual achievement. For employees, on the other hand, peer motivation and public recognition are often more strong motivators than salary increases. Salon team competitions are especially successful as a result of these factors.

 During team events, both individual successes and the overall team result may be recognized and awarded. This is a fun and unusual approach to getting the whole salon team to collaborate on a project.

32. Music with Work for You at Your Salon

According to a study, the music you play in your salon influences the experience your clients have and the amount of money they spend with you. Take advantage of this and compile a superb list of individuals to perform at your salon who will have a positive impact on your customers. In your community, establish win-win partnerships that benefit everyone.

The fact is that you aren't the only company owner in your community. There are many more people, just like you, who are interested in expanding their business. Consider taking a walk around the area surrounding your salon to check what other businesses are in the area. With your expertise, I am convinced that you will be able to identify some additional non-competing local businesses that are interested in forging partnerships with you that would benefit both sides. When selecting a salon location, the opportunity for building local connections should be a primary consideration. Co-promotions (for example, providing a free coffee at the café next door in exchange for your service) are permitted, and in exchange, they may offer their customers a discount on your services. To be successful, the partnership must be beneficial to both sides. This is a terrific, cost-free salon marketing strategy that may be used in a variety of situations.

33. Always have a supply of salon business cards on hand.

Who is the most effective spokesperson for your salon? Yes, you are correct. Without even realizing it, you're probably advertising it daily. In your capacity as a salon owner, you should have your business cards on hand at all times so that you can simply pass them out to prospective customers. If you're seeking inspiration for hairdresser business card designs, have a look at my collection of hairdresser business card design ideas. Including a beautiful phrase on your business card that represents you in some manner is also a wise decision.

34. Host an event

The event might be a get-together for friends, a bachelorette party, or an opening event to which the whole public is invited. Encouraging another local business to host an event in your salon is also a terrific idea. This provides an opportunity for new clients who have never visited your salon to get acquainted with you. However, I must acknowledge that there is a wealth of digital marketing strategies for salons to establish relationships (which I share consistently). A traditional face-to-face meeting offers an unparalleled level of intimacy and personalization.

35. Inquire about client opinions at the salon.

I've covered a lot of ground today in terms of marketing principles. You may expect to see more of this, and I hope you find it beneficial. But how do you select what to do next to assist you in acquiring new salon clients and expanding your salon's customer base and revenue?

36. The importance of feedback cannot be overstated.

It is necessary to collect it regularly. And, maybe more crucially, respond to the information you get by taking appropriate action. The problem with feedback is that it is only as good as the person who is giving it. As a consequence, acting based on anything you hear is seldom a wise decision. Instead, try to develop a standardized approach for gathering a significant quantity of information, then set aside a few minutes each week or month to sift over it all and search for common patterns that may be implemented. The most convenient way to do this is to make use of your salon software. It is possible to collect a large amount of valuable feedback systematically by creating automated feedback forms that are sent out quickly after a client's session.

37. Promotional Ideas for Hair Salons

We've spoken about some general salon marketing strategies in earlier posts. As a contrast, what are some outstanding hair salon advertising ideas that you may use? These hair salon discounts can help you enhance your sales by assisting you in the following areas:

Distribute a free hair color care product as a thank you: Avoiding price reductions and service reductions by giving away items is a good strategy to prevent these problems.

There are many different denominations of gift cards to choose from for a hair makeover:

  • This is the perfect Mother's Day gift for any mother. Always have a supply of gift cards on hand.
  • You will get a complimentary haircut for your children in exchange for your services: Another clever way for increasing the worth of your product without diluting the price of your principal service is to use this method.

38. Advertising Concepts for Salons

You may advertise your hair salon in several different ways. Even while Facebook and Google Ads have proved to be successful for me, there are other channels, such as Pinterest, where people are actively looking for hair ideas, that I have yet to investigate more. I've provided two examples of hair salon advertising on Facebook in the section below. Even though they were made specifically for Facebook, there are some significant ideas to be gained from them that you should bear in mind while creating your hairdressing advertisement.

  1. Rather than focusing on characteristics, emphasize the benefits. People are more interested in the emotional advantage you bring them than they are in the cutting technique you use on them while you are cutting them (e.g., a clean feeling in the example below).
  2. Disclose all pertinent information: Make certain that you communicate the specifics of the offer, as well as the location of your salon. You don't want people to miss out on a chance because they don't know what to do or how to accomplish it.
  3. Incorporate descriptive visuals, such as hair or a person cutting their hair, into your document. You only have a fraction of a second to transmit the message of your advertisement, and photographs are the most efficient way to do this. Don't leave people who are interested in your offer wondering what they should do next.
  4. Include a clear call to action: Tell them precisely what you want them to do next and when you expect it.

39. Ideas for Hairstylist Marketing

Here are some examples of innovative marketing strategies for hairstylists:

  • Influencers' hairstyling services: Hairstyling is one of the most visually changing services that can be provided. This is why working with influencers who are willing to share before and after photographs may be quite valuable.
  • Work on performances and events includes the following tasks: Make time to participate in exhibits, events, and festivals where you may provide hairstyling services to those who do not come to your salon. This is a fantastic strategy for promoting your hair salon's brand positively.
  • Make a hair donation: It is becoming more important to have a solid CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy. A hair salon might take part in this kind of event in several different ways. As an example, some patients need wigs that are made of real hair as a consequence of their therapies. So, rather than throwing it out, why not donate it to someone in need?

40. hold a competition for hairstylists.

Competitions for hairstylists are a fantastic method to motivate and reward your salon's employees for exhibiting the behaviors you want to see in your salon. As the only person who understands the goals and what should be awarded, you are in a unique position. It might be directly linked to sales (for example, earn points for every retail product sold) or qualitatively linked (for example, receive points for every retail product sold) (like the best hair color service done).

As an alternative, it might be centered on behaviors that support your salon in obtaining the intended results. For example, the number of hair consultations or stylist education sessions that have been attended may be recorded.


This collection of salon marketing ideas has grown significantly in size! Please accept my sincere wish that you've found some salon ideas that you feel would be great for your company's needs right now.

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