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How to Choose the Right Marquee Size for a Corporate Event

Choose the Right Marquee Size for Your Next Corporate Event

Probably everyone’s go-to addition for an outdoor event is a marquee. An ideal outdoor event should have a great marquee to accommodate the attendees.  One thing organizers sometimes miss out on is that a marquee cannot accommodate everyone in case of negligent planning. It is important to plan and confirm the number of guests prior to the corporate event to avoid ending up with a crowded space.


In order to avoid ending up with a large crowd and no space, you need to choose the right marquee size. Marquees come in different sizes, such as 3M x 3M marquees or 4M x 4M marquees. Here’s a list of factors that can help you choose the right marquee size for your next outdoor corporate event.

Guest Count

The first factor that comes into play when determining the size of your marquee is definitely the guest count. If it’s a large corporate event with a high guest count, a large marquee will be required. However, a small event with limited guests won’t require too much space. In a 10 by 10 square feet area space, you can fit at a round table, which can host around 7 to 8 guests. Considering that there are 300 guests gracing the event, you will need 38 tables (300/8= 37.5) to accommodate them. Additionally, you will have to calculate the total square feet of the area that the marquee will cover. In this case it will be around 3800 square feet.


When deciding on the size of the marquee, you will have to check the size of the venue. While these two factors are highly dependent upon the number of guests coming, it isn’t entirely necessary that it should. If you’re dead set on a certain venue that isn’t big enough to accommodate too many people, you can always sort through the guest list. However, don’t compromise on the size of the marquee even if you cut down on the guest list. Around 600 square feet of space is required to facilitate around 25 people.  

You also need to consider any obstructions such as trees or slopes at the venue. A site inspection must be conducted beforehand to determine how the marquee will be set up. If the land is flat and has no obstructions, then it will be extremely easy to determine the exact size of the marquee but if it isn’t, it might get a little difficult to do so.


A corporate event is incomplete without a buffet that allows guests to socialize while eating great snacks. When deciding on the size of a marquee, you need to determine not only the tables and guests but also the number and size of the buffet tables. A 12 by 12 square feet area is required to arrange 8 buffet tables. This space also accounts for a buffet line. Your caterer can help you figure out how much space you’ll require for the buffet tables and if any extra space will be needed. On average, about 500 square feet space is enough to accommodate a buffet for 200 guests.

The bottom line is the right-sized marquee can surely make your event pop. Marquees are available in different sizes, such as 3M x 3M marquees or 4M x 4M marquees. Each marquee is suitable for different purposes and crowds. You should also ensure that the marquee space is utilized efficiently. If you don’t plan accordingly, your event may look under or overcrowded.

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