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Designing Tips for Your Fabric Mesh Banner

How to Design Your Fabric Mesh Banner

If you are looking for a great advertising solution to promote your brand at your next exhibition, printed mesh fence banners are your answer! Even though there are many forms of printed mediums available such as leaflets or pamphlets, banners are a more eye-catching and attention-grabbing way to communicate with your audience.

However, when it comes to printed mesh fence banners, you need to ensure that they are tastefully and creatively designed to gain maximum attention.

Here are a few ways to design an effective and eye-catching fabric mesh banner to receive maximum visibility from your audience.

Pay Attention to the Text

Unlike other printed marketing materials, banners are required to be easily readable and viewable from a distance. While flyers and leaflets are seen and read up-close, the purpose of banners is to attract attention from afar. A key element that needs to be kept in mind when designing banners is the – text. The content of your banners should be in a large and bold, making it readable from a distance. You can do a demonstration by writing a single letter of the font size you choose and see if you can read it from after to determine if it is appropriate or not.

Select a Readable Font

When choosing a font, size isn’t the only thing that matters. They font type is also an important factor to consider. There are millions of font styles out there and very often, it can be confusing to pick the correct one due to the immensity of options.

Choosing a flamboyant font style might be very tempting but can actually result in considerable backlash. When it comes to banners, you should pay attention to the readability of the font as sometimes - simplicity is the way to go!

Provide a Simple Message

The attention span of individuals these days is even lower than a goldfish. So, a highly important factor to consider when designing a banner is to deliver your message in the simplest possible words. Your audience doesn’t have the time or interest to read paragraphs of text from your banner, mainly because they will spot it from afar.

 Highlight your main message using a few words so that it is easier for the audience to comprehend your message easily. By cutting out unnecessary information, you will improve the deliverance of your intended message.

Use High Quality Images and Graphics

Images and graphics are more effective than text at grabbing audience attention. Well-designed graphics and aesthetically-pleasing images instantly divert the focus of passers-by to your banner. An important factor to consider when including images and graphics is to ensure that they are high quality. Images with a higher resolution have more of a chance to capture audience attention through its beautiful colors and other visually-thrilling aspects.

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