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Business Name Ideas that inspire you How to come up with a creative catchy Business Name

When starting a new business everyone has a question in his mind? What will be the brand name? It does a lot of heavy lifting when you give the name to your brand. You’ll think carefully about the image and brand you represent to your customer before launching your startup. It symbolizes your story brand, tells about your product to customers and is memorable for the potential customer.

You can stand out from your competitors by creating a unique business name. A unique and catchy business name helps you to make your identity and separate your services and products from competitors. Your brand will be memorable as your name should be creative, and descriptive and your prospects will recognize it online, in stores, and advertisements.

Finding a unique name is a difficult and time-consuming process without any help. This article has some creative business name ideas and some business name generators that help you in the naming process.

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Why does your Brand name matter?

A company name is the first introduction to customers. Any interaction with your company, consumers every time refer with your brand name. A company name leaves a lasting impression on consumers. Between a business hooking an audience or disappearing in the crowd, catchy brand names make the difference.

Creative Ideas for Business Name

For business, a unique and creative name is a challenging task. From all the ideas and experiences a creative business name is selected. A company name is an identity for the whole business and around the company’s name brand will turn around. Here are some creative name ideas for business that hopefully inspire you.

  1. Digimail

Product/Industry: Communication, Email

  1. Nutrition

Product/Industry: Health and Wellness, Nutrition

  1. TechTack

Product/Industry: Web Development, Digital Media

  1. Jumpsync

Product/Industry: Mobile Phone, Communication Services

  1. Rentoor

Product/Industry: Real Estate

  1. Kiddily

Product/Industry: Children's Clothing, Toys

  1. GameEight

Product/Industry: eGaming, Game Development

  1. SecuriToday

Product/Industry: Security, Information Security

  1. Shipplier

Product/Industry: Shipping, Logistics

  1. Legalbright

Product/Industry: Legal

  1. VisionSwipe

Product/Industry: Glasses/Eyewear

  1. Tourish

Product/Industry: Glasses/Eyewear

  1. Conceptual

Product/Industry: Sales and Marketing Services, Consulting

  1. Metricsilo

Product/Industry: Data & Analytics, Marketing Agency, SAAS

  1. SiteDept

Product/Industry: Web Design, Hosting

  1. Deductly

Product/Industry: Tax, Accounting

  1. InvestSpend

Product/Industry: Finance, Investments, Budgeting

  1. Composey

Product/Industry: Music, Writing Tool

  1. Drivemo

Product/Industry: Automotive, Auto Rental

  1. Knowza

Product/Industry: Online Learning Website, Training Services, Learning Center

  1. Excursy

Product/Industry: Travel, Trip-Planning Website

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Captivating Ideas for Business Name

Some type of allegory or words that have the same rhyme scheme may include in a catchy business name. It makes a connection in the brain with that particular brand. These are some catchy business name ideas that grab the attention of customers.

  1. QuickSpace

Product/Industry: Social Media, Health & Wellness

  1. Hiphonic

Product/Industry: Music App, Streaming Service, Dance Company

  1. MetConnect

Product/Industry: Social Media, Dating

  1. SecureSmarter

Product/Industry: Security, Web Security Services

  1. Dwellsmith

Product/Industry: Real Estate

  1. SwipeWire

Product/Industry: eCommerce, Technology, App Developer

  1. Seekingon

Product/Industry: Business Directory, Search Engine, Geolocation App

  1. Crowdstage

Product/Industry: Social Media, Crowdfunding

  1. com

Product/Industry: Healthcare, Telemedicine

  1. Branding

Product/Industry: Design Agency, Marketing Agency

  1. SalePush

Product/Industry: Sales Training, Sales Consulting

  1. Formonix

Product/Industry: Manufacturing

  1. Clouddrevel

Product/Industry: Cloud Storage, IT Company

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Business Name Generators

These business name generators can help you to get ideas in the naming process if you are in trouble thinking outside the box. To start a company name, these name generators help to generate creative word pairing for business names. These generators help in searching domains and they are almost free to use.

  • BrandBucket

You can search browse by industry and search for business names with this generator.

  • Oberlo

Oberlo is the tool that has a condensed list of 100 business name ideas. To get a list simply type related keywords.

  • Business Name Generator

Type a few words that describe your business, then the business name generator will show you the list of business name ideas you can choose from them.

  • Brandroot

Search by business category and keywords. It will show you your name, and logo and also show you if a related domain is available.

  • Shopify Business Name generator

Shopify business name generator creates the list of business name ideas and available website domains, once when you type the keyword you want to add to your business name.

  • Namelix

It will create related names and logos of businesses when you enter keywords.

  • Novanym

Your keywords after searching, by style, sector and name narrow the results down.

How to Name a Business

  • Recognize your business
  • Think keywords
  • In the name, process consider the SEO
  • Name style choose
  • Tell a story
  • Make sure the business name is not taken
  • Make sure the business name is not trademarked
  • Confirm that the social media handle and domain name are available
  • Business name registration

Discuss all the points one by one

  1. Recognize your business

You should understand the goals, target audience and objectives of the business before deciding on your name. It will be good to review if you already have a business plan. The following question should be answered:

  • What’s your business stand for?
  • Product and services you selling.
  • Your target audience?
  1. Descriptive keywords

Think about the keywords that describe your business after you know the core goals of your business. You’ll capable of creating the image you like after a few descriptors of your brand. For example, if you are starting a clothing brand, words like clothes, outfits, and clothing are all good starting points for your brand name.

  1. In the name, process consider the SEO

To get found by customers is a capable part of a good name. This is the reason why your name can reach you in search engines. To make this assessment consider these things:

  • Search volume

To make the business relevant for the keyword, on highly searched keyword-based the business name. Like, 24 hours fitness might appear in search who looks for their brand or gym that is open at that time.

  • Authority

Choose a name that has not too heavy search engine results pages (SERPs) with the competition. For example, let's suppose you choose “Five start Restaurant” as the name for your business but analyze the SERPs by review sites like local newspaper columns and Yelp. It results in you may not competing and even not being found when prospects searching for you.

  • Intent

On user based Google find the content as they intend to search. When choosing a business name make sure it matches search intent. For example, the business name “Maximize Your Refund” is not maybe a good idea due to searches looking at “maximize my refund” gathering strategies instead of business.

On three considerations you can choose your business name, the combination of SEO tools like SEMrush & Ahrefs and manual Google search.

  1. Name style choose

You can use keywords in your business name when you plan to create a unique name. Here are some options for the name to consider:

  • The name of the Company founder includes
  • Single-word is use
  • From keywords, modify letters
  • Two or more words can be combined
  • Use metaphor
  • Create acronym
  1. Tell a story

After you decide on the name for your business think about what your business name tells the customer, and the emotions you want to summon. If this name is not aligned with the values, and mission of your business you might again think about the idea of selecting the name and find a well-suited name related to your products and services.

Fundamentally, stories are about connection. Between common people, they offer universals for everyone and develop common experiences. When it comes to branding, storytelling can be a powerful tool. It may seem possible, to apply stories to your business. Most brands' names consist of one or two words how can be story put in these two words?

Like Nike and Amazon, story-driven names use references and metaphors. On Earth Amazon refers to the largest forest. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory. We can plot stories, from these metaphorical names.

Amazon metaphor speaks about the discovery and endless wholesome variety found in the forest.

Nike’s metaphor shows us the journey of victory and achievement; a powerful connection for an athletic outfits brand.

Story-driven business names are fascinating as they grab the attention of prospects. They have the extra benefit of setting up cooperation among your brand and established story. Every story builds the foundation of values and connection.

  1. Make sure the business name is not trademarked

If you’re choosing a business name that is already trademarked, legal action was taken against your business name to violate the trademark. If you are in Australia you can search the “Australia Trade Mark Attorney” to ensure that there is no existing trademark registration on your business name.

  1. Make sure the business name is not taken

After ensuring there is no trademark on your business name, now it’s a fair game. But it doesn’t mean there is no business on the name you want. To avoid confusion select a unique name for your business. You may check your state Secretary of State entity filings and DBAs for other businesses that have worked under the name. Every state has a different process.

You can also search your desired name on Google to see what’s out there on your business name. Other organizations that have the same names also appear in the search.

  1. Confirm that the social media handle and domain name are available

On a domain registrar “Namecheap” or “GoDaddy” you can confirm the domain name availability. If a domain is too expensive or if it is not available, consider the options among different names with a less desirable top-level domain (TLD). If TLDs are clear, remains .com is easy to remember and widely used.

Settle on the name to find out that your social media are taken it would be difficult. Different social media handles could confuse prospects so make it easy as possible.

Tool name “Namechk” to verify the availability of social media handles, you can check in a single search for multiple social media platforms.

  1. Business name registration

After you are finalizing your business name you are ready to register your business name. The registration process is different depending on the type of business. If you are a sole proprietor you may need a DBA. This resource from “Australia Company Registration Services” will help you to find which process of registration is right for your business.

Examples of Brand Name

The important part of a company's personality is its brand which makes its space in the industry. When branding is strong it builds customer loyalty and detains high esteem in the industry. For trademark brand name is important. When choosing a company be aware of the effect that brings on your customers.

Funny Business name ideas

The perfect brand name is a serious matter, but if you generate a creative name try to come up with some funny business names for fun and it will surely grab customers’ attention as humour always makes things better. Keep ensuring you are targeting the right audience if you are going to include it in the company name.

  1. Smallcakes Cupcakery

Industry/Product: Food/Bakery

Cupcakes are the mini version of regular cakes as we know that. To call notice to your products stating the clear in the business name is a fun way. As a matter, uses the business name as “small cakes” to relate the services offered and products its sells.

  1. Celadon Pottery In Savannah

Industry/Product: Pottery/Artwork

In comparison to the soft-greenish grey colour, Pottery Company often makes greenware. The brand name indicates what type of product and services customers can get through this brand. In the brand name, the location list allows consumers to know where they are found.

  1. SugarBare

Industry/Product: Beauty/Waxing

A salon waxing that is based on sugar waxing rather than traditional methods needs words that describe its products so “SugarBare” is a good one.

  1. Perfect Image

Industry/Product: Beauty/Barbershop

This brand is representing a unisex salon for both men and women who are looking for the perfect image. As a sign of attraction and beauty, word image focuses on physical traits in this industry.

  1. Locsanity

Industry/Product: Hair/Dreadlocks

The brand is similar to the word lunacy. For people who have dread hair, this particular hair product targets those people. Hair to be locked and smooth on edges for black hair, product will help.

  1. Straight Lane Transport

Industry/Product: Trucking/Logistics

This brand name describes the main priority: going to the next stop; for trucking and Logistics companies so it looks perfect for the trucking industry. The shortest distance between two points is always a straight line so this name has a creative look.

  1. Herb & Eden

Industry/Product: Wellness/Beauty

Natural ingredients can be found in their products as the brand name suggest and also a feminine touch to products suggested by Garden of Eden. To get products it’s a creative and memorable name for the brand.

  1. Lawless Entertainment

Industry/Product: Promoters/Nightlife

No ranking demonstrate and no rules apply indicates in the word lawless. People who have been working all week and need some kind of entertainment, no rules type of night; club stimulate to draw in people when it comes to nightlife. To promote, the entertainment industry looks for a few things to keep party goes back to their hap.

  1. Spa Maven

Industry/Product: Beauty/Spa

Word maven indicates an expert. The word rhymes with “haven” too. To decompress and unwind, a haven is a place. For customers to get attention, the brand creates fun rhyme and a simple name and makes it easy to recommend to others.

  1. CredoFly Credit Services

Industry/Product: Credit Repair services/Finance

Customers want to know what a company has once they have listed their services as the name combines credit and credibility. To remove past collections, a credit repair service is committed to helping customers with bad credit and helping them form a plan to pay off current collections to enhance their credit score.

Cool Company Names

Getting into products and services, business names are meant to persuade. To the targeted audience, it sparks tie-up identity. To spark your creativity, here are some businesses with unique names.

  1. King of Diamonds

King of Diamonds can provide the best of the best like wedding bands, custom rings or other kinds of jewellery. This is what their brand name implies.

  1. BlaqHour

BlaqHour releases podcast episodes aside from featuring music from underground music that inspires listeners. The brand name indicates the light that provides its listeners.

  1. Vinnie’s Video

All you need sometimes is a repetition. You need to utter the letter v twice in this brand which makes it memorable and catchy.

  1. Unique Mahogany

In any way to jewellery Mahogany is not related to it yet makes its name cool. This is a catchy, memorable and unique name.

  1. The Ivy Vine

The beauty of flowers, Ivy is a perfect plan that highlights and even compliments. As a flourish, this brand is perfect for beginning a business.

  1. Brindles

This brand creates a funny and unique name as brandless, this is an environmentally and health-conscious e-commerce company. The purpose of the name is to communicate that “better doesn’t have to cost more”. To get the high-quality item in the order you don’t need to pay a heavy price.

  1. Patty’s Locs

This brand name went for a cooler alternative and it was spelt without the letter K, instead of utilizing the correct spelling.

  1. Ollie

Make the brand approachable, using a human personalized this pet food business. For dogs, Ollie offers fresh meat that can be delivered straight to your door.

  1. Kala’s Kutz

Klutz is defined as a clumsy or awkward person when your hair was done by Kala you can expect that this is not the case. What you’ll experience is the exact opposite of klutz, so in this way, it is the cool and strategic brand name.

  1. Groupon

With a unique and descriptive name, Groupon is a combination of two words “group” and “coupon”. Its website is perfectly described; to search and use for the consumer it is a collection of coupons.

  1. RC Creative

Industry/Product: Photography

RC is an abbreviation of RaeLynn Conner the head videographer/photographer. To customers, this brand shows ownership. For clients, this brand does not limit to only photography but also videography who want a live production on their special occasions.

  1. Galaxy Mobile

To its target audience, this catchy brand name directly communicates mobile repair services. From a prominent phone manufacturer, they leveraged the popularity of the phone model, although trying them instantly to their services.

  1. Hydration Station

For your body as well as your skin Hydration does wonders. To be hydrated this brand name gives apprehension that this place is a perfect venue.

  1. Imani’s Insights

Even if the business is big or small, hire a digital marketing company as they have many services to offer. This brand name shows that you’ll get Imani’s valuable insights as well.

  1. WKND

WKND is a place to go for fun night on the town in Nashville. The company makes sure that this is not just a nightclub, but also an entire weekend experience. In the brand name, removing the vowels gives a cool look although without too many fringes expressing that the experience is good.

  1. Your Security First

If you prioritize your needs than having it as your brand name, what better way to remind your customers? To the target audience, this is the appropriate way to implant identity and your services.

  1. The Mortage Maven

This brand has a cool name as its alliteration is seen with the words “maven” and “mortgage”. On house loans, this business is dedicated to providing specific finance solutions.

  1. Sassy Serene

Towards aspiration or need, this brand name naturally gravitates to customers. This business is clear in identifying its audience, by playing with words sassy and serene. From any of the services, what benefits will get from availing.

  1. Arrow Auto Glass

This brand name clearly shows that they provide windshield repairs. This brand name is more memorable as it starts with A.

  1. Platinum Home

By all the things premium word platinum is accompanied. This business claims to be one of America’s premium lenders and related to mortgages it offers services.

  1. Flagship Funding

Industry/Product: Pay-Day Loan Company

For people who are short on cash, this brand specialized in fast funding. Owned or produced by the organization the name flagship means the most important thing. They are leaders within the industry, the finance company telling their customers and to serve their customers they have the biggest resources.

  1. Narobia’s Grits & Gravy

To make it more catchy and attractive grits are being paired with gravy rather than going for a traditional restaurant name. This brand name is more personalized as it has its owner's name on it.

  1. Donut Cloud

Industry/Product: Donut Shop/Food

With a cloud logo, a donut shop indicates fluffiness and lightness like clouds. Due to its tasty food for donut lovers, this brand is drawing similarities to clouds. Most donut lovers want donuts to have oversized and fluffy like clouds.

What is in the name of the Company?

If you don’t know where to start creating a name for your business may seem intimidating. Your business name reflects what you do and why simply and uniquely. Remember your business name is a part of the entire brand, its sounds like a lot to put in one or two words. As you grow your business and develop your value proposition, your name will take on more meaning.

To make significant company names here are some attributes.

Attributes of appreciable Company Name

  • It is expressive.
  • It contemplates your values and mission.
  • What your prospect searching takes into account.
  • It is simple & clear.
  • It is fun or clever.
  • It indicates the value you provide to customers.
  • It is unique
  1. It is expressive

Before you speak to a prospect, your business name is propitious real estate for the mini elevator pitch. To deliberate an expressive name of the company states what you do, why and how it matters in a few words. See how those look on screen and sound out loud, peel off some essential words.

Example: Marketing result measurement

Do matter, if you don’t measure sales efforts and marketing? Marketing result measurement leads with the descriptive company and to drive results technology partner that helps companies to use their marketing tech stacks. While evolving operational infrastructure to operate profit and to help you achieve your goals, the company helps the marketing team and sales to establish an effective reporting system and metrics. There will be no grey or unmeasured area in the work of the client, the name indicates what the team does and give to the prospects.

  1. It contemplates your values and missions

More than a logo your brand is much more. Your business name shows what you do, why you do and why it matters. Example: IMPACT

One thing that marketing professional and every sale wants is? Their customers and business have an impact. To help salespeople and marketers to achieve their goals, IMPACT is an award-winning agency that looks like an expert in this process. To make you good at work, the business name indicates the mission and clearly states.

  1. What’s your prospect searching takes into account

For non-brand queries, your company name can make your business relevant. When striving on search engines for the highest keyword value, this could give you margin. Example: Flawless Inbound

You’ll search for keywords like “top inbound agencies” or “great agencies” if you need agencies to help implement inbound sales and marketing agencies. It’ll likely stand out if the company name “Flawless Inbound” populates on your search page.

  1. It is simple

To recognize and remember the brand you want from your customers. Your name should be simple, easy to pronounce, recall and spell to help in this way. It will ensure that no one gets to pronounce it difficult, or frustrated while typing.

  1. It is fun or clever

To get your business name remembered is being humorous. At your business name make your prospects chuckle if is based on puns, jokes and plays on words.

Example: Spinfluence

It requires a bit of spin, in influence. This inbound marketing agency apart, a clever play on word sets. An important element of a business name should be witty, memorable and catchy.

  1. It indicates the value you provide to customers

Rather than a product seller positioning your business a problem solver is one marketing tip. With your business name, you can start that positioning.

Example: Search and Found

In the digital era, every company wants one thing: when their customers search for them, to be found. In the title of its business, Search and Found states the benefit of using agency.

  1. It is unique

On the business name, the last thing you want to decide is to secure your domain and other branding assets because they are already taken. Or worse, for trademark infringement run into legal trouble. When prospects visit your website but looking for another company (vice versa), you don’t want to confuse them.

Example: vs Zoom LiveTrak

Sometimes it is a mix up between Zoom LiveTrak and In this scenario, possible with appalling name errors occur. By ensuring the business name is not taken or trademarked this can be avoided.

Wrapping Up

Building a strong brand and standing out from competitors with a unique business name will help. To get your business off the ground, after a unique name you’ll want to identify your target audience, design a business plan and define your positions. To get the ideas for the business name, use a business name generator. Make sure your brand name is clear of trademarks and isn’t already in use to make it unique.