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How do roller banners work?

Easy to transport, easy to use, a roller banner can take seconds to set up. Also known as a pull-up banner, they consist of a spring-loaded base attached to a banner with printed graphics. Designed to be pulled up out of the base when you need the display, they can be quickly rolled back when it’s time to go, as well.

The steps of assembling a roller banner

  • Take the banner out of the carry case.
  • Turn the feet out to a 90 angle from the base.
  • The case or banner stand will contain three sections of the pole that can be removed. Slot the pole sections together
  • There is a hole in the back of the banner base. Insert the pole and ensure that it’s secured fast to the aluminium or plastic indent in the bottom of the stand.
  • Stand behind the base and slowly pull up the banner, extending it to full height.
  • Secure the banner to the top of the pole using the provided attachments.
  • If you’re looking for banner stands in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or Brisbane, our roller banner stand might be the perfect solution for you. We also have a range of pop-up banner options for those who prefer them, so don’t neglect to explore our products.

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