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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Standee Menu.

Reasons Your Restaurant Needs a Standee

Dining is an emotional and personal experience that’s influenced by visuals that appeal to all senses. Flat, dull banners and menus won’t be effective to evoke excitement in your customers. To make the customer journey memorable, your standee menus should both be appropriate and interactive so that customers can’t resist taking a selfie and share it on social media then and there.

A mouth-watering menu, the flow of the font, the graphics, and the dish descriptors should all blend nicely in the standee design to make the desired impact. Here are some reasons why you should certainly have a standee in your restaurant:

Attracts More Diners

Standees are incredibly effective in attracting more diners to the restaurant. There’s nothing more tempting than a standee with exciting deals and offers kept outside the entrance of a restaurant. They prompt customers to make an immediate decision and try what you’ve got, boosting your sales dramatically.

If you’re still not convinced on how effectively standees increase sales, count the number of footfalls in your restaurant before and after placing an appealing standee right outside your restaurant. You’ll be amazed by the surge in the number of diners.

Great Idea to Convey Brief Food Details

Why wait for a diner to visit your restaurant and look through the menu to find out what you’ve got? Use standee menus to display your special food items.

You may also want to display timed offers or a special deal of the day. Including a variety of cuisines accompanied by mouth-watering food images can attract even those who aren’t hungry!


One of the best features of restaurant standees is that they can be moved and kept wherever you think they’ll catch the maximum attention of passersby. Since they’re lightweight, you can easily move them in and out of the restaurant when opening and closing the premises. Likewise, you can shift them to another side if the original position needs to be renovated.

Hence, standees happen to be portable yet highly effective.

Flexible and Cost-Effective

Standees are extremely versatile. If you keep them well-maintained, you can use them for a variety of purposes such as to complement your food items during events.

You can re-use them for different roller-banners over time without having to invest additional money and effort. On top of that, standees are considerably more affordable than most other types of outdoor advertisements.

Closing thoughts

Restaurant standees in Australia are among the most efficient advertising solutions that help increase sales. They're also flexible, portable and inexpensive than other promotional materials or methods. If you don’t have them in your restaurant yet, get them designed today!

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