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Why Are Aluminium Signs so Popular?

Aluminium is one of the most popular materials when it comes to custom signs. Aluminium outshines other materials, such as wood and plastic, because it is extremely sturdy and also lightweight. There are three types of aluminium signs and they all come in different shapes and have varying thicknesses. Read ahead to find out why aluminium signs are such a hit and why you should choose this material for your signs. 

Aluminium is Affordable

One of the reasons why aluminium signs are so popular is that it is affordable. Unlike other sign options that can vary in price and quality, aluminium is sturdy and cheap, which is the best combination. Compared to plastic signs, aluminium is not only stronger but also more durable and much cheaper.

Aluminium Looks Professional

Another reason why aluminium board signs are so common is that they look extremely professional and are very versatile. Whether you want to do something low-key for your friend’s birthday or make huge signs for your new marketing pitch, aluminium signs are the way to go. Make sure to know which type of sign to choose for what occasion. For example, standard aluminium will be just fine for a birthday, but if you want to market your brand, it is better to go with brushed aluminium. Aluminium is glossy and has a matte finish, which makes it stand out whether you’re at work or a party! 

Aluminium is Durable

Compared to acrylic and PVC board signs, aluminium signs can be easily placed outdoors since they are resistant to all kinds of temperatures and even water. Aluminium signs can be mounted and hanged so you can display them in a variety of ways.

Reflective aluminium signs are the perfect choice for outdoor aluminium signs since they are waterproof and heat resistant. These signs are long lasting and with regular maintenance, they can last for years. Unfortunately, you cannot say the same about wood or plastic signs since they start deteriorating very quickly.

Aluminium is Easy to Customize

Aluminium signs are really popular since they are easy to customize. Whether you need to screen print on top of standard aluminium or need to use coloured vinyl decals on brushed aluminium, aluminium is malleable and easy to make whatever you want to turn it into. This is why aluminium signs are a great option for businesses looking to stand out – you can use these signs to stand out amongst your competitors by using different fonts and colour combinations.

It really is a win-win situation when it comes to aluminium signs. Compared to other signage options, not only is this option much cheaper but also much more durable. Visit our website to learn more about aluminium board signs today.


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