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What Are the Different Types of Open House Signs?

So you need to design an open house sign that will attract the most potential buyers to your property? There are a number of options that you can choose from, depending on how big you want the sign and what kind of information you want displayed on it.

We’re here to talk about different open house sign ideas—and which ones are suitable for you.

A Frame Signs

Open house signs are commonly in the form of A frame signs. These are easy to place on the ground because they don’t need to be attached to anything. This makes them easier to move around as well. Plus, they have the added benefit of being visible from both sides.

However, since they’re light, they might need some support to stay grounded. You might have to place some bricks or a sandbag to keep them from flying away on a windy day. They’re also lower than other signs, so if someone was driving in their car and passed close by, they might not be able to get a proper view of the sign’s information.

Feather Flags

Feather flags are great for when you want your open house sign to be visible from far away. They’re also useful for houses that have tall boundaries that make it harder for an outsider to look into their front yard. They attach to the ground with a pole or stand, so there are fewer chances of them get dislocated because of the weather.

Since feather flags are narrow, in order to fit all your information on them, you would have to write vertically and not horizontally.

Directional Open House Signs

A little different from open house sign ideas in the past, directional open house boards are placed in areas leading up to your house and guide people to the house with the help of the indicators. They’re set up with the permission of those with houses near you, so you can place a number of signs in other people’s yards to direct people to your house.

The benefits of directional signs are that, unlike A frame signs, they appeal to more people than just the ones who pass by your house. They reach a bigger group of people and therefore get more exposure for your property.


This might seem weird, but using balloons is a great way to make people approach your house. It could only be because they’re curious to know what the balloons are for, but regardless, they’ll end up coming to your house. Who knows, they might explore it and realize that they would love to make it their own.


The last in our list of open house sign ideas are riders. You don’t usually have riders as singular signs outside your house because they are used along with a bigger sign that has more information on it. For example, you might have a rider that says “for sale”, while the bigger sign has the details like your phone number and more descriptions of the house.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what open house sign you opt for, make sure it has just the right information for people to want to come and explore your house further. An unattractive sign is going to push people away from visiting your house.

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