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Everything you Must Know About Rigid Signs

Large format marketing signs and banners offer a whole host of choices that you can pick from. However, there is one type of large format signage that has gained a lot of popularity over the years – rigid signs. So, let’s discuss what rigid signs entail.

What are Rigid Signs?

Rigid signs are hard-wearing, flat signs that you can use in quite a few settings, both indoors and outdoors. You can usually spot them around construction sites, on restaurant walls, close to open houses, etc.

Rigid signs are quite affordable and effective to boot. They can be printed in colour and black and white high-quality results. There are many different types of rigid signs that you can choose from for your printing purpose – be it advertising, marketing, decorating, or displaying.

Now that you know what rigid signs are, let’s get into the varied types of rigid signs you can choose from.

Types of Rigid Signs

Here are 5 most commonly used rigid signs.

1. Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are made from highly sturdy corrugated plastic, so these signs are suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage. Thin channels – with a thickness of 3mm to 5 mm – are placed in between the plates, so these signs are easy to fold or bend. These signs are resistant to harsh weather elements, are light weight, and highly affordable.

Corflute signs are most commonly used for promotional signs by retail shops, as exhibition or event signs, political signage, directional signs, etc. However, you can also use them for long term purposes since they are long-lasting.

2. Aluminium Signs

Another common type of rigid sign is aluminium signs. They are quite sturdy, but also lightweight, so you can easily carry them on your business exhibition tour.  You can get these signs in high-quality and customize them to fit your needs.

There are two types of aluminium signs – brushed and painted. Painted aluminium signs are perfect for placing in front of your shop for promotional purposes as they are waterproof and they don’t bend easily. Brushed aluminium signs, however, have a metallic sheen to them which makes them ideal for decorative purposes. You can use aluminium signage both indoors and outdoors.

3. Screen Board Signs

Screen Board Signs are widely used as advertising signage or posters by retail shop owners. The cardboard material of this type of signage offers high resolution print results with vivid colours. Screen Board signs are ideal for indoor usage; you can hang your lightweight Screen Board sign from the ceiling of your shop, or you can mount them on your walls.

4. PVC Foam Board Signs

PVC Foam Board is a highly lightweight and firm material commonly used to create signs. These signs are ideal for indoor usage; however, you can use them outdoors as well since they are resistant to sunlight, wind, and rain. They are also highly durable and long-lasting.  

You can use them for promotional purposes inside your shop. Many retail shop owners use these signs for branding and advertisement purposes as well, thanks to their vivid colour prints that they employ as point of sale displays.

5. Armaboard Signs

Armaboard Signs are ideally used as decorative or promotional wall hangings since they are meant for indoor usage. These signs are made from highly sturdy and lightweight material on which you get an uber-flat image printed in high quality. The ink used for printing on these signs is UV and weather resistant. These signs are an affordable and highly long-lasting signage option.  

No one rigid sign type is better than the other. The effectiveness of a rigid sign depends entirely on the way you wish to utilize it. So, make sure to choose the right rigid sign!

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