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7 Different Types of Open House Signs

What Are the Different Types of Open House Signs

Open house signs are a great outdoor advertising tool to attract leads and potential customers to your doorsteps. The type of open house sign you use to advertise your property and draw in leads depends entirely on your prospective buyers and your property.

Some custom real estate open house signs are created to convey a whole lot of information, while others are designed to attract maximum attention via eye-catching movement.

So, without further ado, let’s review the seven types of open house signs.

1. Yard Signs

Yard signs are inarguably the most frequently used type of real estate open house signs. As the name suggests, these are signs that you place in the yard of your open house property that let prospective buyers know that they are in the right place. Yard signs act as welcoming signage to invite leads to come and view the inside of your house.

2. A-Frame Signs

A-Frame signs are plastic signs placed on a foldable, double-sided A-Frame made of metal or plastic. These signs are hard-wearing and easy to install. You can easily customize your A-Frame signs with additional sign riders that contain pertinent information such as “sold” or under contract”.

3. Feather Flags

Feather flags are big, vertical fabric signage that flaps in the air. They are ideal for listings with tall bushes, hedges, or other features that might obstruct the view of your leads. They are ideal for urban areas where your A-Frame signs might not be visible to your leads.

4. Directional Signs

Directional signs are in the shape of an arrow, and you place them along the route of your open house property to guide prospective buyers to your listing. They act as a great way to direct people to your rural property that does not see much foot traffic or is located in an obscure part of the town.

5. Sidewalk Signs 

Sidewalk signs are generally used by property owners when homeowner association (HOA) or the property-owner association (POA) prohibits the use of yard signs or other permanent real estate open house signs. These signs allow you to guide leads in the right direction while letting you adhere to your HOA contracts.

6. Interior Signs

Interior signs are a great way to welcome prospective buyers to your open house and to let them know that you are a professional host and marketer. These signs work exceptionally well when placed inside high-rise listings or when you require your leads to follow certain rules such as taking off their shoes before entering a certain room of your property.

7. Sign Riders

Sign rides are small signs that you can place next to your larger open house signs. You can add information such as your open house days and timings on these signs. Sign riders work great for areas that have specific limits set on the height of open house signage.

Now that you know the 7 types of custom real estate open house signs for your property, you can make the right choice.

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