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What are sign board flags for real estate?


You can attract a lot of attention by simply flying your company's flag. Our signboard flags are made with lightweight polyester material, so they dry quickly in wet conditions and offer protection from dirt that might accumulate on the pole itself over time due to windy weather conditions or heavy rainfall patterns. We use round bars - this design makes it easier for drivers passing close enough to see what you're doing without having any problem reading "INSPECTION" at eye level! 8 ft high (3 meters) is the perfect height when flown outside homes being inspected; not too tall but large enough where everyone knows. It's a pretty big sign, and when the flag is flying in the breeze, it attracts attention from passersby.

I just thought I'd share this with you about a third of Australian agents are now using these types of flags to help increase their visibility on busy streets or sidewalks! 

The most popular customised hanging banner sizes are:  

    • 1500mm W x 600mm H
    • 1600mm W x 750mm H
    • 1800mm W x 600mm H
    • 1800mm W x 900mm H


Sign Board Flags for Real Esate