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What are Professional Sticker Printing and its Procedures?

Professional stickers


The term “Sticker printing” may not sound intriguing. But we can assure you that it can do wonders in your life. This is because we believe little things matter! And by little things, we meant the adorable stickers.

Printing has been with us for a long time now. We are witnessing the most evolved stage of printing. Modern ways and technology have made printing much more manageable and accessible for everyone. Professional Sticker Printing is a huge industry. Let’s look at the specifications of sticker printing and its processes.

Professional Sticker Printing Types & Procedures

sticker printing procedure


Assorted stickers need different types of printing. It depends upon material too. Brands specifically go for customized stickers. As stickers need to be pasted on products and packaging, plenty of printing options are available in the market.

Sticker printing has been upgraded technologically as well as creatively. Professional stickers are no longer restricted to black and white fonts with bland or dull backgrounds. Instead, it’s the era of creativity and individuality, catchy color combinations, and multiple printing techniques. 

Depending upon the user’s likeliness, printing techniques are also evolved. A few of these types are described below:

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a typical and most common type of sticker floor printing. In this procedure, different stencils are created according to the design. Then, this design can be transferred to your desired material by using a mesh. There are particular colours used in this process, which come in a wide range. So that you don’t have to worry about the unavailability of your desired tones, screen printing can be used to print on fabric, wood, plastic, and even glass. Screen printing is a perfect tool for creative minds to express their knack.

Letterpress printing

Letterpress printing is a traditional type of printing. It is a kind of customary relief printing. This technique allows users to produce as many copies of the print they want. Letterpress printing utilizes the printing press. Traditional letterpress uses metal and wood, and metal blocks. Subsequently, most of the prints in sticker printing are custom designs. The designs are usually printed from a polymer plate. We can print on just about any paper stock using this process. But primarily cotton-based paper is preferred, as it takes a more profound impression.


Flexographic printing is a more advanced process than screen printing. However, this technique is rooted in the letterpress technique. Therefore, we can say that Flexography is a modernized form of letterpress printing. Flexographic printing uses a flexible relief plate. The printing apparatus has a mechanism that allows high-speed rotations. The design pattern is laid out in the form of very tiny holes. The vigorous spins move the ink to these holes. In this way, a perfect print is created in a brief period of time.

Digital Printing 

Digital printing is a type of printing that converts a digital-based image directly to your desired medium. People on a small scale commonly use this technique as it does not require special training or technicality. You just need a computer and a digital printer to print your designs on anything. However, Professional sticker printing requires high-end printers and inks to enhance the print quality.

Electronic Digital Printing

Digital printing is the type of printing in which digital-based images are directly printed onto various mediums. For example, digital files such as PDFs or desktop publishing files can be sent directly to the digital printing press to print on paper, photo paper, canvas, fabric, synthetics, cardstock, and stickers.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique. In this process, the inked image is offset from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. This type of printing also allows us to print on multiple mediums.

Four Color Approach

As the name suggests, this printing technique requires only four colours. These four colours are cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). Cyan, magenta, yellow are basically the shades of primary colours. During the process of printing, these colours mix in different proportions to create the desired colour. Four colour approach is an advanced form of printing that professionals commonly use.

Why is professional sticker printing becoming essential?

The world is advancing with every moment. This means the norms of everything are evolving as well. And if you want to survive or, moreover, want to succeed, you have to move according to its pace. Even the trivial things that most people don’t give enough credit to impact us and our profits significantly. Yes! We are still talking about the stickers. The sticker printing industries have introduced themselves as an essential gizmo for every brand and company. The importance of sticker printing for your business is justified by the following.

Stickers create a better first impression of your business.

“Your first impression is your last impression” Everyone struggles with the first impression. However, good first impressions are everything because a good impression can make consumers decide on the spot.

Stickers these days have become an essential element for a brand’s first impression. It’s the sticker that grabs the buyer’s attention and makes sales. 

Stickers are the hardcopy of your business logos. You can customize your sticker to every extent. As the stickers are customizable, you can pick the exact colour, shape, and style for your sticker without any limitations.

Stickers are an essential part of Branding.

There is a dire need for a formal yet creative representation of a business with every addition in the business community. And what else can fulfill this need than Professional Stickers? 

There is a rise in demand for stickers. That’s why this industry is exceeding. Among the reasons for Branding, stickers are an easy way to make a brand recognizable and voice-able. Every business has its own voice, and hence stickers play a vital role in elevating your product appearance, enriching your business narration, and making new customers reach.

As business niches differ, so do stickers. Stickers can be logo-centered, minimalistic, or customized. Depending upon the brand story, a well-designed sticker will suffice your needs.

Premium quality Stickers

Hence, the importance of stickers for your business and brand is justified from the above discussion. The problem arises, where to get premium quality stickers? Due to the rise in the sticker industry, there are many available options in the market. But if you are looking for the best quality, quantity, and customization, all in one spot. Vividads is the best place for you and your business. We treat our clients according to their requirements. This tactic helps us grow as well as your business.

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