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What are floor decals?

What Are Floor Decals?

Many of us might not think much about our floors, but floor decals are a great way to help signify your safety protocols or to help pitch that new promotion to customers in a business setting. You've probably seen them before, but you weren't quite sure what you were dealing with. They're not quite stickers, and they work on all sorts of materials — from carpet and tile to concrete, wood and even walls and doors.

They're known as indoor floor decals, and they can even work outside if you want. Floor decals are a one-step solution for signage on your floors and walls, and the textured vinyl is durable enough for high-trafficked areas in short- and medium-term applications indoors and out. Complete with a non-slip surface, so you don't have to worry about safety, floor wraps and decals are available in custom colours and shapes so that you can fit the decals to your precise need.

Floor decals are ideal for reaffirming your branding or direct traffic and flow throughout your store, printed on textured vinyl fabric. For example, if your storefront is cluttered with vertical signs taking up too much visual space, it's often easier to have that important messaging on the floor. Indeed, indoor floor decals are an easy way to get the message across without cluttering up the regular sight-lines in your store. 

More durable than stickers that will rip and come up after just hours of use, floor decals go down quickly and provide a great look for weeks and months on end. Compared to regular stickers that get grimy and fall apart under the lightest of loads, a vinyl floor decal looks great and acts as a natural part of your existing flooring. Durable and weather-resistant, floor decals can even meet your need outdoors with six months of life under regular pedestrian traffic.

Diverse Applications of Floor Decals and Wraps

Floor decals and wraps meet a wide range of purposes: advertising products, promoting sales, directing traffic, creating a themed floor setting for events, or simply beautifying the floors. Which of these objectives would you like to achieve? 

No matter what your specific need, perfectly tailored floor wraps and floor decals are available so you can achieve the desired outcome in your retail store or business location. They're also perfect for providing directions or instructions in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centres.

Our floor wraps and decals are durable, removable, and fully customisable; our floor wraps and decals cater to varied business requirements. In addition, they're sufficiently thin not to create obstacles for customers when walking with just a slight thickness. Couple this with their certified slip resistance, and you get floor decals and wraps that lend a nice appeal to the floor while advertising your products without hindering foot traffic or creating a safety hazard.

Custom Shapes, Sizes, Materials, and Printing Options

With the option to create exactly what you need in terms of the graphics, there's no dearth of the visual possibilities you can go for with Vivid Ads. Our broad base of clientele will vouch for that!

Floor decals and wraps are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and with diverse printing options. 

These floor graphics can perfectly showcase your brand, logo, message, or desired theme, in just the way you want. Choose from square, rectangular, rounded corners, or circular or oval shapes. If none of these options work, you can create a fully customised floor sign to reflect your company's brand and exactly match the colour theme. Custom floor graphics with borders are also available for complex designs.

Compatibility with Different Surfaces

With the full customisation option, floor decals offer flexibility to businesses, serving varied business needs, such as advertising, sales, promotions, providing directions, or simply as welcoming props with beautiful graphics. 

Their versatility increases further, given their compatibility with almost all types of indoor surfaces. They can be easily installed on non-porous surfaces, so they're suitable for many settings. In addition, they enjoy the extensive application, whether tiles, hardwood, laminates, or a smooth sealed concrete floor.

Easy Removability and Durability

Equipped with a protective laminate coating, floor graphics can last for anywhere between 3-5 years, depending on foot traffic and care intensity. In addition, these floor graphics can be easily removed when they're no longer required. Thanks to their durability and easy application, and removability, indoor floor decals and wraps are great for in-store as well as onsite factory use. 

Before applying floor stickers, it'd be best to prepare the floor with proper cleaning so they last for years to come. Then peel off the paper backing and carefully apply the sticker to the desired surface. Finally, it'd be worth noting that floor decals and wraps are meant to be used as temporary signage and are not reusable.

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