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Make Car Magnets Stand out with Bright Colours

Bright Colours

Bright colours and vibrant hues are some of the best ways of making your car magnet stand out. You want to use coloured graphics because there is only a limited amount of time for your car magnet to attract customer attention.

A colourful palette will help to capture the attention of your audience and fascinate them enough to read your sign. There are only a handful of seconds on average during which prospects can focus their attention and read the sign. A palette with sharp colours will increase the likelihood of such events and quickly attract the attention of people.

Coloured Images

Since there is such a short time span within which customers must focus and read your message, you should use colours wisely. Instead of relying on text alone, you can add vivid images to convey information very quickly.

While it takes quite a long time to read text, images can transmit information almost instantly. Colourful images are also more interesting than monochromatic text. They will intrigue people and instil a positive impression of your business. Brightly coloured images are also much easier to remember. People will certainly remember images longer than plain text.


For instance, suppose you have a bakery, then you can design a car magnet that shows colourful, appetising and mouthwatering images of birthday cakes and other baked goods. Anyone looking at such imagery will instantly realise that you are making and selling baked goods. This is much better than writing a list of baked goods that you can make. A striking image of your baked delicacies may satisfy the appetite of onlookers enough that they might look up the name of your bakery on Google. Thus, you have much greater chances of success with brightly coloured images.

While printing out the car magnet, you should ensure that you have an image with high enough resolution. If you use a low resolution image, there is a possibility of getting dull colours and pixelated, blocky or hazy images. A low resolution image may look good in a small file, but it will have an altogether different quality when expanded to a bigger size. You must expand the image file on your computer by around 200% to 800% to see how it looks on a larger scale. These are some of the things that you must take care of to get a high quality image for your car magnet.

We can design the most striking, memorable and vivid images for your business so that they are seared into the memory of your prospects. Your business won’t just stand out, it will shine as brightly as the colours on the car magnet. Contact us today.

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